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Natural Foods Merchandiser

Lundberg Family Farms

From The December 2001 Issue of Natural Foods Merchandiser

Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms. These familiar words will help you picture the sprawling 3,500 acres of rice paddies in the northwestern region of the greater Sacramento Valley growing under the meticulous care of the Lundberg Family.

This family, guided by a healthy regard for the environment instilled by the late Albert Lundberg, has grown rice with respect for the land for decades.

Well ahead of their time, the Lundbergs pioneered sustainable agricultural methods to successfully meet the challenges of rice farming long before organic farming became fashionable—much less profitable.

As the years pass, they continue to cultivate the goal of providing the most delicious and carefully grown rice in the world. The legacy of their organic and sustainable practices may be found, and enjoyed, throughout our nation. And, in our ever-changing marketplace, they strive to meet the needs and desires of their customers by adding regularly to their healthful rice products line.

Company History
We began farming in northern California with our father, Albert, in 1937. Through the years we developed farming methods that care for the soil, air and water. We don't burn the rice straw after harvest, but turn it under to replenish organic matter. This is good for the soil as well as the air. Our straw decomposition methods attract thousands of geese, ducks and other waterfowl to our fields during the winter months. We periodically keep each field out of production to rest the soil. This enhances the field's fertility. We rotate winter cover crops to enrich the soil with naturally occurring nitrogen. Our water-saving irrigation practices conserve substantial amounts of water.

These methods protect the environment as well as provide our customers with the highest quality rice and rice products.

Corporate Mission
To produce and market healthy, tasty and uniquely high-quality rice and rice products in a manner that respects the environment. We remain committed to sustainable farming and to educate consumers, employees and farmers about the benefits.

Key Distributors
Distributed nationally through all key natural food distributors as well as key specialty, gourmet and grocery distributors.

Product Line
Full line of both Nutra-Farmed and organic rices (i.e., short, long, medium, sweet, black, red, wehani, white and brown basmati and arborio, sushi, white and brown jasmine); and value-added rice products (rice cakes, rice pudding, one-step entrees, risotto mixes, gourmet rice blends, hot rice cereals, quick rice pilafs, brown rice syrup, brown rice pasta, brown rice non-dairy beverage, industrial rice flour and special millings of all varieties) are available.

5370 Church St.
Richvale, CA 95974-0369
90-120 (varies) seasonal
Eldon Lundberg, Owner
Wendell Lundberg, Owner
Harlan Lundberg, Owner
Homer Lundberg, Owner
Grant Lundberg, CEO
Tim O'Donnell, VP, Sales & Marketing
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