Mission Pharmacal Introduces New Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA Vitamin

SAN ANTONIO, Jan 18, 2007 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Mission Pharmacal, maker of Citracal(R) brand of calcium citrate supplements and prenatal vitamins, announced today the introduction of Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA, the latest addition to the company's comprehensive prenatal vitamin family. Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA improves the nutritional health of women and their children prior to conception, throughout pregnancy, and in the postnatal period. Citracal(R) prenatal vitamins are the only prenatal vitamins with Citracal(R) calcium citrate.

Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA contains 90 mg of carbonyl iron, a higher dose than many prenatal vitamins on the market today. A considerable number of women develop iron deficiency anemia during their pregnancy, and the added carbonyl iron in Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA is beneficial to these and other women who need additional iron in their diet.
The Citracal(R) prenatal pack includes daily tablets containing a balanced dose of prescription-strength vitamins and minerals, including Citracal(R) calcium citrate and folic acid, as well as a stool softener. The prenatal pack also includes 250 mg capsules of Martek's life's DHA(TM), a source of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA that does not pose the potentially harmful risks of fish oil. Maternal supplementation with DHA has been shown to improve the pre- and postnatal neurological, visual and nervous system development of children.

"For more than sixty years, Mission Pharmacal has been committed to the development of products that improve women's health," said Neil Walsdorf, Jr., President of Mission Pharmacal. "The dietary needs of expectant mothers vary from individual to individual. By producing a variety of products with unique formulations, like Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA, we are able to offer healthcare providers different options to better meet the nutritional needs of their patients."
Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA is a prescription product, and women who are pregnant or planning to conceive should consult their physician/OBGYN prior to beginning any prenatal vitamin regimen.

About Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA
Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA is marketed by Mission Pharmacal Company based in San Antonio, TX. The plant-derived DHA is produced exclusively by Martek Biosciences Corporation based in Columbia, MD.

Mission Pharmacal is supporting new Citracal(R) Prenatal 90 + DHA with advertising, product sampling and doctor detailing.

About Mission Pharmacal
Mission Pharmacal, the maker of Citracal(R), is a privately held pharmaceutical company based in San Antonio, Texas. For more than 60 years, the company has been dedicated to identifying unmet health needs in the marketplace and developing innovative prescription and over-the-counter products to meet them. Currently, Mission Pharmacal provides physicians and consumers with pharmaceutical, nutritional and diagnostic products. For more information, visit www.missionpharmacal.com or www.citracalprenatal.com .

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