MusclePharm Expands International Distribution

MusclePharm(R) Corporation (MSLP 0.80, −0.04, −4.76%), one of the fastest growing nutritional supplement companies in the United States, has announced a distribution agreement with Sportika Export Inc., a leading sports nutrition distributor, to over 130 countries internationally.

"We are very excited about the opportunity to expand distribution into over 130 markets as we continue to grow MusclePharm's international brand presence," said Brad Pyatt, MusclePharm's Chief Executive Officer. "Creating a strategic partnership with Sportika Export will allow us to broaden our nutritional product formulations availability in the global healthy living and wellness industry as we strive to increase sales and profitability long-term."

MusclePharm's multiple products are currently available in 1,200 of the top GNC stores in the United States, as well as over 450 Vitamin Shoppe stores. MusclePharm's award-winning products—Assault(R), Battle Fuel(R), Bullet Proof(R), Combat Powder(R), Recon(R) and Shred Matrix(R)—are also available online at,, and many other locations.

"It's been years since Sportika Export has seen the level of interest from distributors abroad that MusclePharm has generated. We're excited to be part of their huge growth potential and bring it to the 130 plus countries we deal with," commented Richard White, Jr., Sportika's President. "We feel that MusclePharm is the next BIG thing in the Sports Nutrition Industry. Their innovation with products and marketing is going to take them to the top. We look forward to a long lasting successful relationship with MusclePharm."

MusclePharm will begin to distribute products with Sportika Export in September of 2010.

About Sportika Export Inc.

EXPORT is our only business! Sportika Export has become the single largest exclusively export distributor of Sports Nutrition in the United States. Through our mission of "service excellence" we have established a multi-national network of international distributors in over 130 countries. Our customer list includes the largest and most respected importers and distributors in markets around the world such as; Atari C.V. of Mexico, Nutrition Systems of Australia, Nature Food Service of Italy, EAM Sports Service of Russia, Prolab Europe of the United Kingdom to name a few. Sportika Export has a team of professionals with unsurpassed knowledge of the complexities associated with exporting with departments for international banking, documentation and regulatory affairs, freight forwarding, export compliance, sales and service. For more information about Sportika Export please visit

About MusclePharm(R)

MusclePharm's /quotes/comstock/11k!mslp (MSLP 0.80, -0.04, -4.76%) top management has extensive experience in the sports world and has harnessed this drive and focus into building a business to benefit its customers and help Fuel The Athlete Inside(TM). Headquartered in Aurora, Colorado, the company is a fast-growing developer and manufacturer of safe, scientifically approved, nutritional supplements that are free of banned substances and tested by athletes. They are designed to help athletes, bodybuilders, weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts improve their performance. Each and every MusclePharm product is the end result of an advanced six-stage research and testing protocol involving the expertise of top nutrition scientists. In addition, the products have been field-tested by more than 100 elite professional athletes from the NFL, MMA, MLB and elsewhere. To date, the company has developed six products: ASSAULT(R), BATTLE FUEL(R), BULLET PROOF(R), COMBAT POWDER(R), RECON(R) and SHRED MATRIX(R). Two additional products are due in stores in 2010. MusclePharm products offer up to twice as much of the active ingredients per serving as competing products and incorporate a proprietary mix of ingredients not available elsewhere, such as Suma root-- the "Russian Secret." Suma is a natural, performance-boosting, strength-and muscle-building herbal derivative that has been used for years by top Russian athletes. For more information, please visit

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