Sociability is a key theme in successful marketing to women

Targeting women is a vital goal for all marketers. Women are reaching higher positions in their careers and are earning ever-rising incomes thereby enhancing their consumer status. They also still carry out most of the household shopping in multiple-occupant households and still control the majority of household incomes, which means they account for an estimated 75% of all consumer packaged goods (CPG) spending. Nevertheless, ‘postponement syndrome’ is bringing about changes in women’s lifestyles as they push back the age at which they marry and give birth. This is symptomatic of important lifestyle changes which marketers must show sensitivity towards.

Targeting women effectively is heavily dependant on the quality of marketing communications. Women are faced with increasingly busy lives and are therefore becoming more adept at filtering out stimuli that is deemed irrelevant. The following highlights how sociability is a key theme in creating relevant communications for women and in using them as effective referral agents.

Source: Escaping The Discount Trap In Off-Trade Alcoholic Drinks

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