Truly Natural Vitamin C

Natural product customers want chemical-free products, yet sourcing potent, whole-food vitamins and minerals can be challenging. For this reason, manufacturers and consumers alike are pleased by the greatly increased availability of the Brazilian berry, camu camu. This powerful little berry is a viable alternative to isolated ascorbic acid for both supplement and functional food manufacturers. Camu camu is the richest known source of vitamin C, providing 30 to 60 times more than citrus and 20 times more than amla.

Although camu camu has been historically difficult to obtain, after three years of research, Synergy Production Laboratories™ has developed a consistent supply of whole camu camu concentrate standardized to 20% naturally occurring vitamin C. Just one gram provides 200 milligrams of complex vitamin C. Due to a proprietary process, Synergy Production Laboratories’ Synergized® Camu Camu is shelf stable for three years and is also more heat stable than isolated ascorbic acid, thus making it effective in a variety of applications.

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