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ZMC and Farbest Brands Form Alliance To Market Beta Carotene

The Woodlands, TX – May 15, 2009 –ZMC-USA, and ZMC China are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to market ZMC’s line of high-quality beta carotene products in the United States. Leveraging its national sales and distribution network, Farbest will exclusively market these products to the U.S. food and beverage industry. The companies will join forces to market ZMC’s beta carotene to the dietary supplement industry, maximizing customer service and penetration.

Through this alliance, Farbest and ZMC are responding to increasing consumer demand for beta carotene and label-friendly colors when making food and beverage choices. Consumer interest in antioxidants such as beta carotene continues to grow as information on their health benefits spreads.

ZMC offers a complete portfolio of beta carotene products specifically formulated for dietary supplements, foods, and beverages. Products are available in oil form and encapsulated powders for a broad range of applications, and they offer formulation flexibility to manufacturers who are designing innovative products that deliver the nutritional benefits of beta carotene or provide label-friendly color solutions.

“As a market leader in our industry, ZMC maintains the highest standards in quality and efficiency while offering a wide range of sought-after products,” says Scott Steinford, president of ZMC-USA. “In fact, ZMC is the only supplier to have received USP Ingredient Verification for natural and synthetic vitamin E , CoQ10 and beta carotene.”

Farbest Brands, headquartered in Montvale, New Jersey, brings to the vitamin and carotenoid market a reputation for service and quality built over its 50-year history in the food and nutrition industries. “We are proud to be representing ZMC in these market segments,” says Dan Meloro, president of Farbest Brands. “Both companies bring a long history of integrity, technical knowledge, and superb customer service to this partnership.”

ZMC is a multicultural organization offering high-quality, leading-edge pharmaceutical and nutraceutical ingredients worldwide since 1954. Globally, ZMC is the largest supplier of biotin, the second largest supplier of vitamin E, the third largest supplier of natural vitamin E, and the second largest supplier of fermented CoQ10; it has U.S. patented lutein and has the most complete product variety of beta carotene and other carotenoids. The company operates in North America as ZMC-USA from its offices in The Woodlands, Texas, and ZMC China is located in Zhejiang province, China.

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