Nomination deadline extended for 2024 Expo West NEXTY Awards

NEXTY Award nominations will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. MST Friday. Don't miss your chance to win a 2024 NEXTY Award! Learn more.

Gianna Rosenbach, Content Creator, CPG and Digital

January 2, 2024

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Nominations are open for the 2024 NEXTY Awards at Natural Products Expo West. Photos of previous winners are shown.

Editor's note: Nominations for the 2024 NEXTY Awards will be accepted until 11:59 p.m. Friday, Jan. 12. Samples must be received by 5 p.m. MST Friday, as well. Keep reading for all the details of this year's only NEXTY Award competition.

We are blowing up the NEXTY Awards for 2024, making them bigger than ever.

The NEXTY Awards are an annual awards program in which New Hope Network recognizes the most innovative, inspirational and integrity-driven products in the natural products industry. With 2023 being the last iteration of Natural Products Expo East, the NEXTY Awards will only take place going forward in conjunction with Natural Products Expo West. So this upcoming nomination period will be your only time to nominate a product for a NEXTY Award in 2024!

The NEXTY Awards have grown to become the premiere award bestowed upon companies in the natural products industry. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the NEXTY Awards were open only to exhibitors at Natural Products Expos. The nomination period and judging for NEXTY Awards is completed in the two months prior to the Natural Products Expo. Currently, any CPG brand in the natural products industry with a finished product can nominate. In 2024, nominations from non-exhibitors will continue to be accepted. We believe Expo West to be the event of the year for our industry to gather together. So by having nominations from both exhibitors and non-exhibitors we get to showcase the best of the best across the whole industry.

How to nominate a product

The nomination form will open on Tuesday, Dec. 12. Nominations are due by 11:59 p.m. MST on Friday, Jan. 12.

Exhibitors should look for notifications in their email, on and in newsletters. Non-exhibitors can sign up for newsletters here.

Brand founders and executives should note these dates so they don't miss any deadlines:

  • Dec. 12—Nominations open.

  • Dec. 21—Early-bird pricing ended at 5 p.m. MST. No other discounts will be offered.

  • Jan. 2—Samples can be received at our office.

  • Friday, Jan. 12—Nominations close.

  • Friday, Jan. 12—All samples are due to at the New Hope office by 5 p.m. MST.

We’ve moved!

Be sure to send samples to New Hope Network's NEW address, as we have shiny new digs in the heart of Boulder. Our new address is:

New Hope Network
1710 29th Street, Suite #2044
Boulder, CO 80301

It's also important to note that New Hope will receive samples only between Jan. 2 and Jan. 11. The office will be closed for the holidays, and samples that arrive before Jan. 2 risk not being received and properly checked in.

New and improved categories for 2024

New Hope is introducing several new categories, bringing the total to 35 from traditionally around 20. All of this year's categories are listed below; new and changed categories are designated with an asterisk.

People-Forward ProductThese brands put people first, whether through their transparent, fair or direct-trade sourcing practices, support of local or global communities, vertical integration, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion practices; support of food access, living wages, employee care, etc.

Planet-Forward ProductThese brands have demonstrable commitments to sustainable environmental practices (alternative energy, zero waste, regenerative agriculture, circular economies, environmentally responsible packaging, food waste, upcycling…) and exhibit an exemplary level of transparency and understanding of how their practices impact the planet. 

*Certified Organic ProductThis category is for brands that are doing more by engaging in policy to strengthen organic standards, converting or expanding acreage or showcasing a deep understanding of the ecological journey to their organic efforts. Nominating brands must be Certified Organic USDA NOP standards or equivalent.

*Certified Regenerative ProductThis category is for brands that are doing more by engaging in policy to strengthen regenerative standards, converting or expanding acreage or showcasing a deep understanding of the ecological journey to their regenerative efforts. Nominating brands must be Regenerative Organic Certified, Land to Market Verified or Certified Regenerative by AGW.

*Plant Party!These products help promote and educate about the benefits of putting plants at the forefront and answer a growing consumer demand for plant-focused products that support climate, health and/or animal welfare issues. Products do not need to be strictly 100% plant-based or vegan (i.e. honey may be used as a sweetener) but rather celebrate the plants at center stage.

*Natural Living ProductNatural products for the home, such as cleaning supplies, apparel, pet products, clothing, gear, etc.

*Natural Kid’s ProductGear, supplements, foods or beverages designed with the youngest consumers in mind.

PackagingPackaging stands out for its sustainability, messaging, branding, design or innovation.

Supplement categories

*Sustainable SupplementThese products put sustainability front and center, whether through the use of regenerative or organic ingredients, good sourcing practices, renewable energy, innovative packaging or other exemplary practices.

*Supplement TrailblazerThese products are industry trailblazers, answering the question “what’s next?” in supplements. They might exhibit strong scientific rigor, the use of cutting-edge technology, inventive delivery formats or address conditions not yet widely known or understood.

*Supplement for the MindThese products are formulated for and positioned to address conditions of the mind including stress, mood, sleep, relaxation, mood, focus, concentration, etc.

*Supplement for the BodyThese products are formulated for and positioned to address conditions of the body including skin, bones, performance, weight management, joint and heart health, digestion, microbiome, etc.

Personal care and beauty categories

*Personal Care Product—Oral care, personal hygiene, soaps and shampoos, deodorant, etc.

*Beauty and/or Skincare Product—Cosmetics, serums, oils, lotions, skincare, hair styling products, makeup, etc.

Food and beverage categories

Functional Food or BeverageThese products seek to support wellness by harnessing functional ingredients such as botanicals, adaptogens, nootropics, etc. Brands are strongly encouraged to include amounts per serving information for the functional ingredients in their nomination application, particularly in support of any wellness claims made about the product on the packaging.

Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product

Meat Alternative

Dairy Alternative

Special Diet FoodKeto, vegetarian, Paleo, FODMAP, Whole 30.

*Gluten-Free Product

*Vegan Product

*Pantry: Canned Goods, Jars and PouchesPasta sauces, tinned fish, vegetable or fruit preserves, soups, heat-and-eat grains, beans and other meals, etc.

*Pantry: Pastas, Grains, Beans and Rice (uncooked)Center-aisle foods such as breakfast items, dry goods, baking mixes, whole grains, meal helpers, pastas, etc.

*Spices and CondimentsHerbs, salts, traditional condiments, slaws, relishes, pickles, etc.

*Dips and Spreads

*Breads and BakeryRefrigerated, frozen or shelf-stable

*Packaged ProduceSalad kits, sprouts, prepared beets, frozen smoothie fruit and acai bowls, packaged mushrooms, etc. Products can be dehydrated, fresh or frozen.

Savory or Salty Snack

Sweet Snack and DessertsChocolate, cookies, gummies, fruit snacks and other sweet treats.

*Frozen DessertsIce cream, popsicles and novelties.

Prepared Frozen ProductsPizza, frozen dinners and other savoryNOT sweetfrozen products.

Beverage—All RTD beverages, drink mixes, juices and mixers that are labeled with the appropriate supplement or nutrition facts panel where required.

*Coffee or TeaRTD, cold brew, loose leaf, bagged, whole grain or ground.

*Adult Non-Alcoholic BeveragesAlcohol-free beer, wine, cocktails and other drinks.

*Alcoholic BeveragesBeer, wine, spirits and other alcoholic drinks.

Additional categories

Editor’s Choice AwardsTo be decided on site at Expo West

People’s Choice AwardTo be decided on site at Expo West

What does it cost to nominate a product?

For brands that are exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East 2023, the first nomination costs $195, and each additional nomination costs $145. For brands that aren't exhibiting, the first nomination costs $295, with each additional nomination costing $145. Find out more about the benefits of exhibiting at Expo West. 

Who determines the winners of the NEXTY Awards?

Companies nominate products by filling out a form and questionnaire, which will be available here on Dec. 12. Additionally, they send product samples to the New Hope Network office in Boulder, Colorado, to be evaluated during several rounds of judging. The judges—members of the New Hope content, standards and data and insights teams—whittle the pool of nominees down to a range of two to six finalists in each category, depending on the number of entries in each category. 

From there, the NEXTY finalists move on to the final round of judging. The judges for the final round are members of the New Hope content, standards and data and insights teams, as well as a rotating panel of industry experts. For the final round of judging, the judges converse, debate and in some cases even argue until they decide on the single winning product in each category.

When will the winners be announced?

The NEXTY Awards winners will be announced and celebrated onsite at Expo West in Anaheim, California, on and on New Hope's social media channels.

What criteria are the products are judged on?

The editors and judges use these criteria to determine whether a product is worthy of a coveted NEXTY Award:

  • Innovation: The product or company shows truly creative thinking and execution (not a "me too" approach); uses a newly discovered or rediscovered ingredient, flavor profile, technique or process; fills a legitimate (though perhaps not yet recognized) natural products market need or niche; and/or is predicted to have longer-term impact in the industry.

  • Inspiration: The product or company adheres to an unusual or new mission targeting an issue or problem not yet widely addressed; its message/mission is clearly communicated, focused and effective, with real, wide-reaching potential or already proven positive social or environmental impact.

  • Integrity: The product or company takes a creative, next-gen approach to clean ingredient(s), sustainability, transparency, traceability and safety/security.

Additionally, all products must meet New Hope Network's Ingredient Standards & Guidelines, which are the same standards and guidelines in place for all exhibitors at Natural Products Expos.

What are the benefits of winning a NEXTY Award?

NEXTY Award finalists and winners receive considerable industry recognition before and after the natural product expo.

All finalists will be featured in a special showcase at Expo West, as well as on each expo's virtual platform. They will also be included in a print feature in Natural Foods Merchandiser and a number of special features on

The NEXTY winners receive all the benefits of the finalists as well as a NEXTY trophy, exclusive rights to use the NEXTY Awards winner logo in promotions and packaging, access to the winner’s toolkit to maximize their award and more.

Learn more about previous NEXTY winners in these stories:

Happy Wolf
Gaia Herbs
Primal Kitchen
Fila Manila
Big Mountain Foods
Spare Food Co.
Good Catch
White Leaf Provisions
Vibrant Health

Where can I learn more about the NEXTY Awards?

The Expo West NEXTY Awards website is your go-to resource for all NEXTY Awards details, including the nomination form, the categories, past winners, the benefits of winning, the rotating industry judging panel and more! The NEXTY Awards Nomination Guide (which will be available for download on December 12) will equip you with the information you need to successfully nominate your product.

Past NEXTY Awards winners

Past NEXTY Awards finalists

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