Chapter 1: Animal Nutrition Sales Update

Chapter 1: Animal Nutrition Sales Update

This update includes both previous sales numbers and future projections of the animal nutrition industry.



Although animal nutrition took a big hit with the recession, this up-and-coming industry has tripled since 2001, emerging into a $3.2 billion market in 2010. Steady growth in sales within each channel, specifically internet sales, has allowed for the pet health industry to grow rapidly. A projected increase in sales for specialty stores and pet store chains could also add to the growth of this market. This presentation breaks down animal nutrition sales by condition and channel, and forecasts additional growth for the future.

Carla Ooyen, Director of Market Research- Nutrition Business Journal
Carla is the director of market research of NBJ. In addition to producing market research reports, Carla is responsible for NBJ’s quantitative research, company databases and surveys. Carla earned her MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado.


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