Direct-to-Consumer Business Class Chapter 1: Market Overview

Chapter 1 of the Direct-to-Consumer Business Class  looks at the history of the segment, along with future trends and insights into the market.


The direct-to-consumer market, which contains four main channels, internet, practitioner, mail, direct TV, & radio, and lastly, network marketing, can offer both exhilarating highs and startling lows. In this first chapter of the Direct-to-Consumer Business Class, Research Director, Carla Ooyen will take you through the history of this market segment, along with highlighting trends that may attribute to growth in this category in the future, and hopefully provide insights on how to succeed in this market. 

Carla Ooyen, Director of Market Research- Nutrition Business Journal
Carla is the director of market research of NBJ. In addition to producing market research reports, Carla is responsible for NBJ’s quantitative research, company databases and surveys. Carla earned her MBA from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado.


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