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The trend—Pet food goes raw

When Stephanie Nadeau went to New Orleans to help abandoned animals after Hurricane Katrina, she ended up bringing home some sickly kitties. As she experimented with diets to help the malnourished felines recover, she concluded that a raw diet benefited them most. Now she heads up Wild Kitty, a Kennebunkport, Maine-based raw cat-food company.

Some veterinarians are cautious about the idea of a raw diet for pets because of potential contamination, but Rick Nadeau, national sales manager for Wild Kitty, says a few vets have actually started carrying Wild Kitty products. “I’ve seen wonderful benefits from these kinds of products,” says Robert Silver, DVM, “If they’re not hygienically stored and served, they could be a problem. But it’s not as risky as some vets make out.”

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