CytoSport remained a leading sports nutrition player in 2010

CytoSport remained a leading sports nutrition player in 2010

Nutrition Business Journal's sports nutrition supplement market data charts reveal the top sports nutrition companies, including CytoSport.

Recently, sports nutrition giant CytoSport received an FDA warning letter questioning the company's use of the word "milk" for products that contains milk-derived ingredients, but no actual milk. The letter is undoubtedly a big deal for the big company, because it threatens one of its brand names: "Muscle Milk."

Nutrition Business Journal estimates that CytoSport, along with Optimum Nutrition and BSN (both now owned by Glanbia), were the top companies operating in the $3.2 billion sports nutrition category in 2010.

NBJ began tracking the Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss category in 1997 and publishes data charts tracking its consumer sales and company growth. To understand how the market recently has performed, and CytoSport's role in it, purchase NBJ's Sports Nutrition Supplement Data Chart.

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