Register for 'The Non-GMO Future' today

Register for 'The Non-GMO Future' today

Learn how to source, test, label and market non-GMO food and supplement ingredients. Early-bird discount ends April 29.

The consumer demand for non-GMO foods and dietary supplements is at an all-time high. GMO labeling laws are pending in many states. Whole Foods has launched a GMO transparency initiative to be fully operational by 2018.
Understanding how to source, test, label and market non-GMO food and dietary supplements is critical to competitive advantage in the U.S. and a legal mandate in most countries. Join us in Salt Lake City on May 23 to learn from leading experts in the GMO/non-GMO world.

Courtney Pineau, assistant director, The Non-GMO Project
"Consumer Demand & Commercial Trends for Non-GMO Foods & Dietary Supplements"

Robert U. Craven, CEO, FoodState / MegaFoods
"Meeting the Retail Demand for Non-GMO Supplements: MegaFood - A Case Study

Dr. John Fagan, founder and CSO, Global ID
"GMO Identity Testing & Global Supply Chain Integrity"

Sandy Kepler, CEO, FoodChain Global Advisors
"The Non-GMO Project Standard for Foods & Dietary Supplements"

Adam Ismail, executive director, GOED
"GMO: The Next Generation of Omega-3s"

Steve Hoffman, managing director, Compass Natural, LLC
"A Brief History of GMO's"

Speaker TBA
"Post Pro 37 and Pre I 522: The Prospect of Non GMO Legislation"

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