12 to 20 Plus Applies for Cross-Border Listing in Germany

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA -- 12/09/2003 -- 12 to 20 Plus (OTC BB: TTTP) is pleased to announce that the Company now is in the process of filing its application for a market listing on the Frankfurt/Berlin Germany Stock Exchange to introduce 12 to 20 Plus to the European investment community. A decision about the admission at one of the German Stock Exchanges is expected within the next 3 weeks.

"By listing on the German Exchange we offer European investors the opportunity to trade the company's shares," commented Carol Slavin, President of 12 to 20 Plus. "European investors are trading American shares much more often, and in continually larger amounts. With this new listing, 12 to 20 Plus strives to open itself to all European investors, both institutional and retail."

In this context, the Company plans to carry out an intensive European advertising and marketing program. This is largely in response to the ever-present interest in 12 to 20 Plus' products displayed throughout Europe. The Europeans are taking the lead in a market that has shown a foundation for unprecedented growth and profits over the next 5-10 years.

"The German speaking market represents over 100,000,000 people, many of whom are active in the world financial markets. The Company's goal has always been to go international and with the increasing number of European shareholder inquiries, we felt that that this was the appropriate time to make our application to trade the company's stock on a European exchange," added Ms. Slavin.

About 12 to 20 Plus, Inc.

Retail sales in the explosive dietary supplement (neuro-nutrient) market are expected to hit $21 billion by year 2007, according to Frost & Sullivan. According to market research, specialty supplements like those marketed by Neurochemical Research Group, a division of 12 to 20 Plus, Inc., will dominate the surging vitamin and minerals market.

Chain drug store pharmacies are forecast to account for more than 50 percent of this category volume as physicians and pharmacists nationwide are fueling the direction toward alternative therapy.12 to 20 Plus has begun to build its Anaplex™ brand with distribution in Longs Drug Stores, a recognized leader in the chain drug industry trading on the NYSE.

12 to 20 Plus, Incorporated spent years in the research and development of a "spa style" acne therapy system™. Utilizing a high tech with natural overtones product development technology, the system delivers sensitive, but powerful treatment. One of the products is Zit Stick®, an on-the-go medication. The market for acne remedies, which are always in demand, in the drug, mass and supermarket channels, is expected to reach $370 million in 2004.

Its Neurochemical Research Group (NRG) division markets highly effective condition-specific dietary supplements containing the most sophisticated combination of extensively researched nutritional elements available. The products, manufactured by FDA-approved labs, do not contain herbs. The Company utilizes potent pharmaceutical grade "amino acids," important protein constituents that serve as neurotransmitter precursors, membrane stabilizers and enzyme precursors. For energy production and other body functions, the utilization of amino acids is improved by providing the proper nutrients, such as antioxidants to support their activities.

Proprietary Formulae and web site: www.neurochemicalresearch.com

QuitSystem® neuronutrient supplementation for recovery from alcohol,
drugs and smoking.

Anaplex™, the antidepressant drug alternative

VisionKare™, advanced supplement for macular degeneration

Trim-A-Way™, body shaper supplements

This press release contains forward-looking statements about events and circumstances that have not yet occurred. For example, words such as "will," "can," "expects," "enables," "believes" or other statements in the future tense, are forward-looking statements. Actual outcomes and results may differ materially from expectations in this press release due to a number of risks and uncertainties. Such risks and uncertainties include whether the market for 12 to 20 Plus products will grow as projected, if at all, whether demand for OTC products will continue as forecasted.

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