300 Canadian World Class Atheletes First to Get Unique Anti-Cold, Anti-Flu Product


CALGARY, AB (CVQ - TSX-VEN). The Canadian Sport Centre Calgary announced today that it's going to begin giving its 300 athletes a breakthrough anti-cold, anti-flu product, which is expected to help them in competition. The product called COLD-fX(R) - has passed International Olympic Committee tests for banned substances - and is currently used by 23 pro hockey teams including the Edmonton Oilers.

COLD-fX(R) is being made available to all athletes by life sciences company - CV Technologies Inc - as part of a sponsorship agreement with the Centre. COLD-fX(R) was discovered and developed by 25 CVT scientists over a ten year period at a cost of $15 million.

CV Technologies President and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jacqueline Shan says, "For a number of years we've been helping hockey players who play for the Oilers, the Canadiens, the Leafs and the Senators. Now we want to help our world class amateur athletes by giving them something that will boost their immune system, keep them healthy and give them an edge over their competitors."

Dr. Shan is the co-discoverer of COLD-fX(R). She holds two doctorates, is recognized by universities in three countries and is a member of the distinguished Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. She is both a pharmacologist and a physiologist. Dr. Shan says, "COLD-fX(R) is not a drug, it's a natural health product. However as we developed it, we treated it like a drug. We have done extensive clinical trials and studies to ensure that it's absolutely safe and it works. These trials and studies proved that it reduces the risk of getting a cold or flu by 89%, and if by chance you get a cold, you will get better faster."

Canadian Sport Centre VP of Marketing and Sponsorship, Colin Young, says, "We've struck a sponsorship deal with CV Technologies which is a significant step for us. We're usually telling athletes not to take certain products. It's rare that we tell them to try something. But we're impressed by all the scientific research that has gone into this product. There's nothing like this out there, no alternative and we see it as an opportunity to give our athletes a competitive edge"
COLD-fX(R) will be administered by the Centre in conjunction with the University of Calgary's Performance Lab.

Speed skater Clara Hughes has been using COLD-fX(R) for about a year and says, "fear of colds and flu_getting sick_is one of our key concerns as competitions approach. It's always on our minds. You're always nervous that you might get sick. In 1998 in Nagano, 36 of our athletes, coaches and trainers including Elvis Stojko and Neal Marshall - now a speedskating coach here at the Centre - came down with colds or flu. You can be set in every other way for your race but a germ can bring you down. And of course you're always aware of drug doping considerations. I'm really looking forward to having this product available to us".

She adds, "I'm taking it for several reasons. There's a lot of science behind it, the Oilers, Eskimos and 22 other professional hockey teams use it, and it's passed an IOC Doping Trial. But most importantly it works." "Once", she says with a smile, "I ran out and had to steal some from one of my teammates." She quickly adds, "Of course I paid her back when I got some more capsules."

The U of C's Performance Lab is staffed with specialists including sports doctors, trainers, nutritionists and health care workers. Dr. David Smith is the lab's Director in charge of the Sport Science Group. He says "We're always on the look-out for ways to help athletes improve their performance and health. And we've heard good things about COLD-fX(R) and the thorough science that generated it. And of course it was important to know that it passed doping trials for banned substances under stringent IOC guidelines"

Legendary Oilers Coach & GM Glen Sather had his medical trainer, Ken Lowe, get it for the team after he himself tried it and found it worked. Today Lowe says: "COLD-fX(R) is our first line of defense against colds and the flu." He adds, "the people who use it are real believers."
Team doctor - David Reid - says, "COLD-fX(R) fills a niche for those athletes who put a big emphasis on prevention and who do not want to use traditional medications. The bonus for them is that COLD-fX(R) does not produce any banned substances. So therefore they don't have to worry about it."

Former Oiler, now Blue Jackets Centre, Todd Marchant is a 'believer'. He takes it every day and an extra dose on game days. He says, "Since taking it I've never missed a game in the past 5 years." Another 'believer' - Oilers Captain Jason Smith says, "I've used COLD-fX(R) for years, because it really works."

Chief Investigator for the IOC Trial, Dr. Grant Pierce of Winnipeg, concluded that COLD-fX(R) did not breach guidelines for IOC banned substances. He says in his report, that COLD-fX(R) "_does not represent a concern for athletes. This is important information for athletes, the nutraceutical industry and International Olympic Committee regulatory bodies. Clinical studies like this one, conducted under strict ethical and IOC doping control guidelines are necessary to provide athletes and sports enthusiasts with information sufficient to avoid inadvertent exposure to banned/restricted and/or potentially unhealthy substances."

On Sept 25, CV Technologies announced that Edmonton's Chief Medical Officer of Health in cooperation with an internationally recognized authority in nutritional biochemistry and professor in the department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science at the University of Alberta will begin the 7th major trial of COLD-fX. Capital Health Authority MOH, Dr. Gerry Predy, says, "Older adults in 5 U.S. nursing homes, who took COLD-fX(R) for up to 12 weeks, reduced their risk of getting influenza and respiratory syncytial virus by 89%. We now want to try it in a healthy adult population."

COLD-fX(R) is a unique combination of active polysaccharides and oligosaccharides, which boosts the immune system to produce natural killer cells, macrophages, cytokines and antibody producing cells to attack invading germs and bacteria. It has undergone trials at several Canadian and American Universities involving 360 participants in both countries. The trials were approved by a total of nine different boards of ethics. One was partly funded by the National Research Council, another by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Manitoba. The six trials - some of them reported in medical journals - have proven that COLD-fX is 89% effective in preventing colds and flu, and causes no undesirable side effects. They also have shown it is absolutely safe, does not produce or induce any banned substances for professional athletes in a formal clinical trial using IOC doping protocols. It is safe to use with other medications including antibiotics and flu shots. It's safe for long-term use and will not lose its imp act after a number of years of use. It's one of a family of seven natural health product developed and standardized by a unique technology called ChemBioPrint(TM), discovered by CVT scientists. Chief Scientific Officer for DuPont Consumer Heath, Dr. Peter Gillies says, "The ChemBioPrint(TM) technology is a major step forward in evaluating the health benefits of complex bioactive mixtures found in natural health products. This technology could become the industry standard for certification of quality and bioactivity in natural therapeutic products.

Health Canada has issued a Drug Identification Number (DIN) in recognition of the science and manufacturing quality standards adhered to in production. The U.S. FDA has issued an Investigation New Drug (IND) number. In 2000, COLD-fX(R) became the first and only natural product anywhere in the world to successfully complete an FDA double blind, placebo controlled Phase II trial. COLD-fX(R) will be one of the first nutraceuticals to be registered under Canada's new stringent regulations of natural health products, which becomes law in January, 2004. Few patents are issued by the US Patent Office for natural health products, but they believed COLD-fX(R) was so unique that it was entitled to patent protection.


CV Technologies, founded in 1992, aims to become a global leader in the development, distribution, marketing and selling of safe and effective natural health products for disease prevention and health maintenance. CV's products are unique because they are developed and standardized according to the company's ChemBioPrint(TM) technology, a patented process that precisely identifies the chemical profile and biological activity of natural health products. This is a combination of chemical and pharmacological fingerprinting that ensures each batch of product delivers verifiable and provable health benefits, and is both safe and consistent with previous batches.


Ms. Casey Pierce, Communications Co-ordinator Canadian Sport Center (403) 220-8195, [email protected], www.canadiansportcenter.ca

Mr. Andrew Osis Chief Financial Officer CV Technologies Inc. (403) 804-0737, [email protected]

Mr. Warren Michaels Managing Partner Bray, Michaels & Associates (780) 455-4077, (780) 499-1396 (cell), [email protected]

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