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Acatris Differentiates Between Lignan Sources

Minneapolis - Acatris Inc., creator of LinumLife EXTRA, the first flax extract with a standardized 20% SDG concentration, today issued a consumer education alert to help health-conscious shoppers understand key health benefits between lignans from flaxseed (SDG) and Norway Spruce Trees (HMR) in order to make informed decisions when purchasing lignan products.

"Study results indicate that SDG's ability to balance hormones through its conversion into mammalian lignans plays a crucial role in its health benefits. Lignans found in other sources, such as HMRLignan, are metabolized differently by the body and are less available for conversion into mammalian lignans as flax SDG. As a result of the differences in this key chemical interaction, research results pertaining to SDG from flax cannot appropriately be extrapolated to other lignan sources," said Jocelyn Mathern, R.D. and Technical Specialist for Acatris Inc.

Acatris, the flax lignan leader, set the gold standard for minimum amount for therapeutic benefit and research on the health benefits of flax lignans. The main flaxseed lignan is SDG. Based on research, consumers need a minimum of 50 mg a day of SDG to reap the health benefits attributed to the ingredient. Research shows flax SDG may help improve prostate health, reduce menopausal symptoms, promote breast health and benefit men suffering from hair loss.

To ensure consumers are getting beneficial amounts of flax lignans, Mathern urges consumers to look for products with a label containing a SDG amount ensuring there is a standardized amount of lignans per serving.

"Without a proper understanding of lignan products, consumers are potentially missing out on all of the health benefits that flax lignans offer," said Mathern. "Consumers may think that because a product contains lignans, the health benefits are transferable. However, not all lignans are created equal."

Acatris Inc.'s LinumLife(r) EXTRA is produced through a patented production process. A dosage of 250 mg of LinumLife(r) EXTRA provides 50 mg lignans. This ingredient offers the convenience for one-per-day lignan capsules or tablets. For more information on LinumLife, visit

For more information on flax lignans, the research and the health benefits visit

Jocelyn Mathern R.D., Technical Specialist
Acatris Inc.

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