ACTIVATE, Nourish America launch Buy One, Feed Two charitable campaign

ACTIVATE, Nourish America launch Buy One, Feed Two charitable campaign

ACTIVATE announced a partnership with Nourish America to provide the daily essential nutrition to pregnant mothers in need and their babies through its Buy One, Feed Two campaign.

ACTIVATE, the enhanced vitamin beverage for people with active lifestyles, announced a partnership with the award-winning national charity Nourish America to provide the daily essential nutrition to pregnant mothers in need and their babies. Purchase a bottle of ACTIVATE now through July 31, 2011 and ACTIVATE will make a donation to provide a day's worth of nutrition to a woman and baby in need. Participating retailers include Ralph's and CVS.

With each twist of the cap, ACTIVATE drinkers make a positive nutritional change in their own diet, and now, through Nourish America, in the lives of two others as well. Nourish America is an award-winning national charity that provides nutritional support to hundreds of thousands of Americans in need from coast to coast. Nearly 30,000 premature/low weight babies die each year and more than 14 million children go hungry each day.

ACTIVATE Director of Marketing Jesse Merrill says, "To be healthy is to start healthy, and ACTIVATE is committed to helping undernourished pregnant women and children in our own backyard. We encourage everyone to participate, so we made it as easy as possible with our Buy One, Feed Two campaign to make a turn for the better."

Michael Morton, Executive Director of Nourish America adds, "Premature birth has become a silent crisis in America, with more than 520,000 babies being born prematurely each year. Much more work remains to be done to reduce infant and maternal mortality rates, prevent premature birth and low birth weight babies. We choose our partners wisely, and ACTIVATE has shown they are dedicated to create a healthy start for the next generation of Americans."

ACTIVATE's unique cap allows vitamins to stay fresh, potent and offer a convenient way to get a healthy dose of the nutrients every body needs. Pregnant women, especially need prenatal multi-vitamins to aid in a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies, which is why ACTIVATE is joining forces with Nourish America: to ensure that the next generation of Americans gets off to a good start.

To learn more about the Nourish America program and ACTIVATE, please visit Find us on Facebook at or on Twitter @ACTIVATEDrinks.

About Nourish America

Nourish America is an award-winning 501 (c) 3 organization that provides nutritional supplements and nourishing foods (including naturals and organics) to those in need in America. Last year alone, Nourish America provided almost $2 million worth of nutritional products to Americans in need. It costs only ten cents a day to provide nourishment to someone in need through Nourish America. For four years in a row, Nourish America has received high ratings for its fiscal management from Charity Navigator, the nation's leading charity watchdog organization. Independent audits of Nourish America's finances show that over 94% of all donations go directly to programs and those served. Donations can be made online at


ACTIVATE's list of all-natural beverages are revolutionizing the beverage landscape with a proprietary cap design that stores vitamins separately from the water—enabling the vitamins to stay fresh and potent. By simply twisting the cap, the vitamins release, providing a fresh dose of vitamins for people who want to stay healthy, refreshed and live life to the fullest. ACTIVATE's core line of functional drinks provide daily nutrition, great taste, hydration and are available in five delicious varieties: MultiVitamin Fruit Punch, MultiVitaminLulo Pear, Immunity Orange, Energy Lemon Lime, Antioxidant Exotic Berry and Antioxidant Blueberry Pomegranate. ACTIVATE also has a WORKOUT line, which supports performance, replenishment and recovery and is available in four great varieties: Grape, Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry Citrus and Passion Fruit. All varieties are naturally sweetened with stevia, contain 0 grams of sugar, and underscoring the brand's commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

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