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AHD International Introduces a Grade of its LuraLean® Fiber Ingredient for use in Frozen Dairy Products

A recent study published in the journal Food Chemistry entitled "Enrichment of ice cream with dietary fibre: Effects on rheological properties, ice crystallisation and glass transition phenomena" found that the addition of dietary fiber to ice cream mixes can not only enhance the nutritional profile, but may also control crystallization and re-crystallization in frozen dairy products. Researchers from the National Technical University of Athens, the group that conducted this study, also concluded that dietary fiber offers unique new formulation possibilities for frozen dairy product manufacturers.

AHD International currently offers a grade of its unique fiber ingredient LuraLean(R) specifically for use in ice creams and other frozen dairy products. This grade of LuraLean is an extremely fine mesh powder that delivers high fiber content, but with a smooth mouth feel that does not compromise taste or texture. It also maintains its efficacy completely when flash frozen.

"This grade of LuraLean allows frozen dairy product manufacturers the ability to create interesting new niche products, increase the health benefits of current offerings, as well as potentially eliminate some formulation issues surrounding product viscosity," noted AHD International president John Alkire.

More than 14 safety studies and 60 clinical trials have been conducted using LuraLean, confirming it has no adverse side effects at the recommended amount and is effective in promoting weight loss, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels already within the normal range and supporting regularity. AHD offers additional grades of LuraLean for use in dietary supplements, a broad range of functional foods and low and high-viscosity beverages.

About AHD International:
AHD International is a major supplier of the highest quality new-to- market nutraceutical ingredients and functional food products to manufacturers, wholesalers and food companies worldwide. AHD's triple- check system ensures that products are evaluated for natural purity, consistency and exceptional quality. For more information on AHD's wholesale nutraceutical and functional food ingredients call
404-233-4022 or visit

Study Details:
Source: Food Chemistry

Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.1016/j.foodchem.2008.12.070

"Enrichment of ice cream with dietary fibre: Effects on rheological properties, ice crystallisation and glass transition phenomena"

Authors: C. Soukoulis, D. Lebesi, C. Tzia

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