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AHPA Schedules Tele-Seminar on Food Allergen Labeling

Silver Spring, MD - The upcoming American Herbal Product Association (AHPA) educational tele-seminar will address complying with the requirements of the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004. Any food (including dietary supplements) that contains a major food allergen must meet the disclosure requirements of the new law when labeled on or after January 1, 2006.

The tele-seminar will be held at 12 noon, Eastern, on Friday, December 2. A panel with legal, regulatory, and scientific expertise will discuss:

  • The origin and rationale of the new law.
  • Compliance deadlines.
  • The major food allergens required to be labeled.
  • The petition and notification process for exemption from food allergen labeling requirements.
  • Proper labeling of major food allergens present in dietary supplements.
A convenient and cost-effective way to explore issues, gain insight and enhance knowledge, the AHPA tele-seminar is a live telephone conference call, limited to just two hours and 30 call lines, but as many staff members as you wish may listen on your speaker phone. To facilitate freedom to raise difficult issues, participants may email questions, which will be read in an anonymous fashion during the Q&A session.

AHPA’s tele-seminars are much less expensive than hiring an attorney or consultant to conduct such training: $195 per connection for AHPA member companies, and $495 per connection for non-member companies. The registration fee includes an unedited transcript of the training session and one Certificate of Completion, an important addition to cGMP compliance training and personnel files; additional certificates are $25 each.

Registration takes place in advance only. Deadline is November 21, 2005.

Register today by faxing the online form ( ) to Robin Gellman (fax: 301-588-1174). Once registered, a confirmation email will include all pertinent materials and instructions (including the tele-seminar dial-in number). For more details, contact Robin via email ( ) or phone (301-588-1171, ext. 106)
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