Albion Advanced Nutrition Teams Up With Syndicated Talk Radio Host, Danielle Lin

Albion Advanced Nutrition is pleased to be selected as the official mineral company of The Danielle Lin Show, “It’s All About Life”. Albion Advanced Nutrition looks forward to this strategic alliance being a productive and long term relationship with Danielle Lin. Danielle’s thirst for the truth in all that can impact the health of her fans is one of the many things that attracted Albion Advanced Nutrition to this promotional opportunity. She is internationally known for her work in health and healing and the advancement of the Natural Products Industry. Her internationally syndicated talk radio program plays a major role in the education of active and interested consumers. Through the work of Danielle Lin and Albion Advanced Nutrition, the best and most honest scientific information on minerals will be presented to the audience.

To launch the project, an exclusive interview was produced with Danielle Lin and Max Motyka (Director of Albion Advanced Nutrition’s Human Product Division). The interview was aired on the national broadcast network in February, and can now be heard worldwide in Danielle’s extensive web library. Danielle Lin’s program can be listened to on Real Audio at, in addition to the many radio stations on which this show appears weekly.

Max R. Motyka, Director Human Products Division
(800) 222-0733 (586) 774-9055

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