Algry Quimica of Spain Launches USP Choline Products into US Market

Algry Quimica, of Spain, the European leader in the manufacture of choline ingredients for nutraceuticals and infant formulae, announces that it is in the last steps of preparing USP choline bitartrate and USP choline chloride for launch into the US market. The choline products are prepared in accordance with the recent USP monograph issued in February 2002.

The decision is motivated by the Food and Drug Administration's recent decision authorizing products containing qualifying amounts of choline to carry a nutrient label claim. Foods and supplements meeting these guidelines will be able to claim they are a "good source" or "excellent source of choline".

"We are very pleased with this decision, as nowadays Choline is recognized worldwide to play a key role in the structural integrity of cell membranes, processing dietary fat, reproductive development and neural functions such as memory and muscle functions. This FDA decision will enable our customers in the nutritional and food fields to actively promote the use of choline-based products based on top quality raw materials from a source which is the present European leader in the manufacturing of these compounds", said Guillermo Rodriguez, Worldwide Sales Manager of Algry Quimica.

Algry Quimica also manufactures several types of choline for many other applications like Choline Dihydrogen Citrate, mainly used for drinks, while choline chloride and choline bitartrate are mainly used in tableting, capsules and solid nutritional applications.


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