Alkemists Pharmaceuticals Reports Encouraging 2nd Quarter Random Analysis Results: No Adulteration or Contamination Detected

(Costa Mesa, CA) June 18, 2007- Random analysis of six brands of Hoodia supplements found no adulteration or contamination, Alkemists Pharmaceuticals announced today. The random analysis was conducted as part of the 2nd quarter voluntary random analysis program where participants included:

Brand Name

Lot #



Desert Burn


Hoodia Products








Results of the finished products analysis can be viewed at by entering the correct Lot number.

“I am happy to report positive news about Hoodia supplements in light of previous negative media reviews,” stated Elan Sudberg, COO and Lab Manager of Alkemists Pharmaceuticals. “The voluntary status enables those company’s whose products are ready to be scrutinized under the microscope (literally) to showcase their quality, while the random analysis shows consumers that the product they are interested in purchasing comes from a company who has confidence in their products and will go the extra distance to prove it”.

About Alkemists Pharmaceuticals
Alkemists Pharmaceuticals, (Costa Mesa, CA), (, has grown over the past decade to focus on Dietary Supplement industry self regulation and has emerged, over the last 5 years, as the natural choice for independent 3rd party analysis & as a partner in quality control. Alkemists Pharmaceuticals was established in 1997 after the natural products industry was faced with the responsibility for the serious health risk created by the adulteration of Plantain with Grecian Foxglove (Digitalis lanata). With over 800 species of botanicals analyzed and an in-house herbarium containing 6000 botanical specimens enabling multiple species cross referencing, Alkemists has positioned itself as the ‘go to’ lab for independent 3rd party natural product analysis. “Our team is on your side & is committed to ensuring that what is on your label is actually in the bottle.”

Elan M Sudberg
[email protected]

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