Alliance Principle Ingredients Receives Approval for Melatonin Use in Dietary Supplements in Canada

Surrey, B.C. - Alliance Principle Ingredients announced today that it has received approval from the Natural Health Products Directorate for melatonin. This allows manufacturers using melatonin from Alliance Principle Ingredients to receive Natural Health Product Numbers (NPN’s) for its products containing the ingredient. Melatonin is commonly used in dietary supplements and may help promote normal sleep.

“We’re very pleased to receive this approval for melatonin,” says Mark Greenhalgh of Alliance Principle Ingredients. “This approval fulfills the Directorate’s requirements and allows manufacturers using melatonin from Alliance to reference the Master Ingredient File so that a NPN can be issued for its product.”

The approval for melatonin in Canada is good news for retailers and consumers that have been purchasing products for years from the United States. With this approval, consumers will be able to purchase products containing melatonin in Canada meeting regulatory requirements for safety and efficacy from leading Canadian brands.

“Alliance Principle Ingredients is working diligently to insure its ingredients have approved Master Ingredients Files,” says Greenhalgh, “We have submitted Master Ingredient Files for other ingredients and believe the process is a good one to insure safe and effective dietary ingredients for consumers.”

Alliance Principle Ingredients was founded in 1991 as Chem-West Sales, Ltd. Today Alliance Principle Ingredients provides ingredients from leading suppliers to vitamin manufacturers throughout Canada. For information about products offered by Alliance Principle Ingredients, contact Alliance Principle Ingredients at (604) 576-1130 or visit

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