Allylix launches Nootkatone for the flavor and fragrance industry

Allylix launches Nootkatone for the flavor and fragrance industry

Allylix, Inc. has begun production of nootkatone for the flavor and fragrance industry in large-scale commercial quantities, utilizing 200,000 liter fermentation tanks.

While nootkatone, a fresh, citrus, woody note, is present in grapefruit peel oil in minute quantities, it is primarily produced by the oxidation of valencene. Allylix has developed a unique fermentation process to bio-synthetically produce large, stable supplies of valencene in its natural state, which is converted to nootkatone in commercial quantities at a significantly reduced cost.

“Our novel development process allows us to supply customers with high volumes of this decidedly useful compound at an ensured high quality level,” said Carolyn Fritz, Allylix’s CEO.

Nootkatone is the flavor and fragrance material that gives grapefruit its unique aroma. It is used as a flavor ingredient in beverage, confection, frozen dairy and baked goods applications, as well as a fragrance material in perfumes, colognes, fabric and personal care products.

The biotechnology firm’s propriety technology platform allows it to produce a variety of high value terpenes across different industries at low cost with sustainable supply. The company’s technology also enables the development of novel compounds. Other applications include food ingredients, insect repellents, and other specialty chemicals.

About Allylix, Inc.
Allylix, Inc. develops terpene products and their derivatives for the flavor and fragrance, food ingredient, pharmaceutical, agricultural and biofuel markets. Allylix's technology produces high-value natural terpenes in greater quantities, of higher quality, and at significantly lower cost than traditional sources. For more information, visit

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