ANS Performance sports nutrition line launches nationwide

ANS Performance sports nutrition line launches nationwide

Check out these cutting-edge natural formulas that target specific performance needs.

ANS Performance, a new sport nutrition supplement brand announced the launch of its first three products aimed to deliver scientifically validated results to those seeking personal excellence. ANS Performance currently offers dietary supplements in the areas of weight loss and sport nutrition performance.

"The ANS Performance product line up delivers something for everyone, from folks looking for more energy or to trim weight, to athletes looking to increase size, strength and endurance," said Steve Harris, vice president of marketing. "We want to provide people with safe and effective options from a brand they can trust. We have invested significant resources to ensure our formulations are of the highest quality and efficacy. We are confident that once a customer tries our products, they will be a customer for life."

The top-rated weight loss product HIT™ – High Intensity Thermogenic, enters the market with great reviews, earning multiple five-star ratings with customers at national chain GNC. HIT offers benefits of increased energy, appetite suppression and clinically studied weight loss, without the jitters associated with competitor products.

FORTITUDE™ is an all-natural testosterone booster that features several clinically studied ingredients including: TESTOFEN® a specialized fenugreek extract proven to increase free testosterone levels; as well as FERUTEST™ a first to market ingredient that enhances libido and improves blood flow.

Their latest innovation is DILATE™ a technologically advanced endurance enhancement product that marries scientifically validated ingredients with a patented liquid glycerin delivery technology. The net result is a product that delivers enhanced hydration, muscle oxygenation and nutrient delivery to elevate performance. DILATE is stimulant-free making it perfectly stackable with HIT to create a formidable pre-workout combination.

ANS Performance products are nationally distributed at GNC locations across the U.S., available online at, and a feature sample product at

About ANS Performance
A division of Advanced Nutraceutical Sciences Inc., the ANS Performance brand is synonymous with innovation and prides itself on the production of safe and effective products that deliver value to both customers and retail partners. For more information visit

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