Aromatherapy and Vibrational Science combined: Gardener’s Dream Cream(TM)

Vancouver, B.C. – Aroma Crystal Therapy Ltd. announces availability of Gardener’s Dream Cream in the U.S. - Since 2000, winner of over 10 Retail awards in Canada for Best Skin/Body Care and Best Aromatherapy Product.

Gardener’s Dream Cream is the first and only product of its kind. Quality Pure Essential Oils are infused at the cellular level using powerful frequencies of Rife technology, light, sound, color, bio-magnetics, crystal energy spectrums and intent to balance, shift, support and correct subtle energies in the body.

Recommended by health professionals and thousands of consumers to Repair and Maintain Skin; for Muscular, Joint and Circulation Support and Massage…and more. Perfect for the whole family’s everyday use.

# # #

Susan Carskadon 303-329-8476

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