Avalon Organics Sails Through California's First Product Review with Flying Colors

PETALUMA, Calif., Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Avalon Organics, makers of top-selling natural and organic bath and body care products, announced today that the State of California's Department of Health Services recently completed a three month, comprehensive review of the company's ingredients and labeling procedures. On August 11, 2003, the State notified Avalon Organics, a long-time supporter of organic agriculture and a strong advocate for independent farmers, that their products and labeling procedures are fully compliant with the California State Organic Program.

The State of California, a leader in legislative incentives as they relate to environmental issues, has the only government in the world to enact organic legislation as it applies to personal care products. For this reason, California, more than any other state in the U.S., has taken a proactive stance regarding the use of organic ingredients in bath and body care products.

During the State's examination, a variety of issues, including Avalon's claim of "70% Organic Ingredients" on many of their products, was reviewed. The State concluded that the products did, as the company states, contain a minimum of 70% organic ingredients. According to the written report, "Upon review of the firm's labels and product formulations, the Department was unable to find any instance where there was a statutory or regulatory basis to discount any organic ingredients from the calculation."

Certified Organic Hydrosol is an ingredient found in each of the Avalon Organics' products reviewed by the State. Avalon Organics' uses hydrosols, which are certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), and in compliance with the National Organic Program and California law. The company was pleased that the State recognized the use of certified organic hydrosols in their products.

Avalon Organics has demonstrated its commitment to organic standards by being a founding member of the Personal Care Organic Task Force in 1999, now a committee of the Organic Trade Association. The company has maintained its leadership role by investing considerable time and resources to successfully lobby for the passing of The California Organic Products Act (AB 2823), signed by Governor Davis and put into effect in January 2003. The Act is the first to help advance and ensure that organic claims for personal care products are accurate and meaningful. Because Avalon Organics has worked diligently to see the enactment of Organic Standards in California, the company was thrilled to be the first manufacturer reviewed under the Act it helped to create, and extremely pleased with the overwhelmingly positive results of the review.

Avalon Natural Products is a leading maker of a unique line of therapeutic body care products derived from certified organic, aromatic flowers and herbal botanicals. Using 70% to 100% of the finest certified organic ingredients, Avalon products include Vitamin C Skin Care, CoQ10 Skin Care and Hair Care Elixirs. The Avalon Organic Botanicals range includes Skin Care, Lotions, Deodorants, Bath products, Soaps, Hair Care, Cream Shaves and Gift Collections. For detailed product information on the entire range of Avalon products, please visit www.AvalonOrganics.com. Avalon products are available in fine health food and specialty stores.

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