Azantis introduces premium krill oil brand

Boulder, CO (November 2, 2007) — Azantis and Enzymotec have entered into a distribution agreement under which Azantis will market Enzymotec’s premium quality krill oil in the United States. The cooperation is aimed at expanding the krill oil market by presenting a better alternative to omega-3 fish oil users.

“We have been working hard with Enzymotec to develop, test and manufacture a quality product that holds up to any comparison with the incumbent krill oil brand”, said John Schoonbrood, president of Azantis LLC. “First indication is that krill oil buyers are very receptive to the new alternative, because Azantis’ arrival gives them a choice, which in turn will improve quality and lower price”.

Elzaphan Hotam, VP of Business Development of Enzymotec, added: “We are proud to offer the United States’ market yet another high-quality ingredient with a high level of omega-3 in a fluid form. Krill oil by Enzymotec is a proprietary complex of marine-derived DHA and EPA, which are delivered to the body either as triglycerides or attached to phospholipids. It also delivers a significant amount of astaxanthin, a powerful marine-derived anti-oxidant.”


We are a dedicated krill oil distributor. The company, located in Boulder, Colorado, was recently incorporated for this specific purpose. Management has been active in the krill oil business for several years, and has supplied krill oil to customers in the past.


Enzymotec (; ) is an Israeli biotech company that seeks to provide branded companies with a better value proposition in 3 main health areas: CVD management, improving cognitive performance and balanced nutrition for babies.

We do that by taking ingredients, which have already gained market and scientific acceptance, such as: DHA, PS or plant-sterols and enhance their efficacy by mode of conjugation or modification. We also increase their value proposition by investing significant resources in clinical trials, regulatory affairs and patent protection while ensuring highest quality standards.


Azantis: John Schoonbrood
303 – 415 1906
[email protected]

Enzymotec: Elzaphan Hotam
011 - 972 - 4 654 5112

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