Baobab superfruit can contribute to healthy lifestyle

Baobab superfruit can contribute to healthy lifestyle

The baobab superfruit can be a nutritional cornerstone of such a healthy eating regimen.

A recent survey in WebMD reporting that 63% of Americans are considered overweight or obese indicates that the national obsession with fad diets isn't working. What's needed is for Americans to embrace a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and good eating habits that deliver all of the vitamins, minerals and fiber the body needs. The baobab superfruit can be a nutritional cornerstone of such a healthy eating regimen.

In addition to high fiber and antioxidants, baobab delivers more nutrients and vitamins per calorie than any other superfruit. One tablespoon serving of Baobab Foods Nutrition Powder in a smoothie, on yogurt or even in plain water contributes only 17 calories. According to the company, baobab provides critical nutrients including:

Fiber—composed of 50% total fiber of which 75% is soluble fiber

Calcium—gram for gram, more calcium than milk

Vitamin C —more than orange juice

Magnesium—one of the highest levels of any fruit

Iron—more than red meat

Potassium—more than bananas and sweet potatoes

Antioxidants—more than any other fruit, including acai

Making the most of each calorie is critical. Respected nutritional expert and author, Dr. Michael Murray, states, "one of the most important factors in achieving goal weight is actually improving the nutritional quality of the diet by avoiding foods with empty calories and focusing on low-calorie, nutrient-dense foods. We need to stop assuming that all calories are alike. A perfect example of a food to focus on is baobab."

Baobab exceeds the fiber content of other popular foods, making it especially beneficial to those watching their waistlines. The fruit consists of 50% total fiber of which 75% is soluble fiber. Fiber promotes satiety, a feeling of fullness, helps the body eliminate harmful toxins, and can also prevent constipation, a frequent side effect of dieting.

There is no shortcut or magic pill for achieving weight goals. A healthy lifestyle, such as the one outlined by The Mayo Clinic including exercise and a healthy diet, is required for long-term success. Because Baobab Nutrition Powder from Baobab Foods is a completely organic, natural and unprocessed-- no freeze drying, pasteurization, heat extraction or sugar added—this unique superfruit delivers its potent blend of nutrients in complete synergy. As a raw, whole food Baobab provides unrivaled health benefits.

About Baobab Foods

Baobab Foods is the exclusive North American importer of baobab products from Afriplex of South Africa, a leading international supplier of wellness products and solutions. Baobab Foods works in partnership with Afriplex, owning the rights to launch and market its own line of baobab consumer products, and to sell baobab fruit powder to food, beverage and supplement manufacturers for use in their own lines of products. The company is dedicated to introducing the baobab superfruit, which has been called "The Vitamin Tree" by National Geographic Magazine and "The King of Superfruits" by other national publications, to consumers in the United States and Canada. Baobab Foods is also committed to improving the human condition and well being of a global society by providing nutritionally advanced baobab food products. The company's product line includes great-tasting Nutrition Bars and a tangy Nutrition Powder for health conscious men and women of all ages. Learn more at

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