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Barlean's Named #1 Rated Health Food Store Brand by

Barlean’s Organic Oils, the leading manufacturer of Omega-3 supplements, has just been named the “#1 Rated Health Food Store Brand for Consumer Satisfaction” by Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users.

Out of six thousand dietary supplement users surveyed, Barlean’s had the highest customer satisfaction ratings of all health food store brands considered, with 90.8% of its customers “highly satisfied” with the brand. The online survey took into account many components including availability, effectiveness, benefits relative to cost (value) and ingredient quality.

Survey results also indicate that Omega-3 supplements, such as the flaxseed and fish oil manufactured by Barlean’s, have become nearly as popular as multi-vitamins among supplement users and that those people who regularly take multi-vitamins also regularly take Omega-3 supplements.

“We’re honored by this award because it means that we’re fulfilling our mission,” says Barlean’s Owner Bruce Barlean. “Barlean’s is known throughout the industry as ‘the world’s freshest and best tasting’ and it’s great to know that our valued customers agree. This year marks our 20th anniversary as a family-owned and operated company, so we are particularly pleased to receive this honor.”

Barlean’s Organic Oils, LLC manufactures and distributes high quality organic flax seed oils, fish oils, green food concentrates and other premium essential oils in both liquid bottles and capsules globally. Maker of the #1 selling EFA supplement in the U.S. WWW.BARLEANS.COM

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