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BENEO rice starches hit gluten-free market

BENEO rice starches hit gluten-free market
BENEO'ss extensive range of rice-based ingredients is popular with producers because they add mouthfeel and nutritional content to gluten-free products.  

Gluten-free products continue moving onto supermarket shelves and into the mainstream. In fact, the International research firm Mintel states in its report “Gluten-Free Foods - 2012” that the U.S. retail gluten-free market has grown to an estimated $6.1 billion in 2011. After many years of experience in developing gluten-free formulations that offer improved taste and texture, the ingredient manufacturer BENEO has found that its extensive range of rice-based ingredients is proving particularly popular with producers because they add mouthfeel, and nutritional content to gluten-free products.

Rice-based ingredients such as BENEO's rice starches Remy and Remygel offer food producers high quality products that encompass a wide range of technical benefits. For instance, BENEO’s rice starches help to perfect crispy or soft characteristics of baked goods as desired. The hardness and brittleness of thin bakery products can be fine-tuned by adding small amounts of rice starch. Additionally, the right amount of rice starch greatly reduces production losses arising from breakage of biscuits or crackers on the production line. In soft bakery, rice starches help to maintain a soft structure to the end product.

Rudy Wouters, vice president of BENEO-Technology Center explains, “In the past, gluten-free products have had the tendency towards being dry or bland and in the worst cases, powdery and badly textured. To overcome such challenges, it is essential that manufacturers make the most of functional ingredients such as rice derivatives.”

Rice-based ingredients not only yield exceptional texture but also enrich the nutritional profile of gluten-free bakery products. They include elements which are, in fact, complete food ingredients (consisting of 20 percent fibers, 20 percent lipids, 15 percent proteins and 15 percent carbohydrates). Rice derivatives can also be rich in vitamins (especially vitamin B), minerals (especially magnesium and phosphorous) and anti-oxidants (such as gamma oryzanol, found only in rice).

The neutral taste of rice ingredients and the low amounts needed in a gluten-free baked good or cereal recipe means that it will not alter the overall taste and appearance of a finished cookie or cracker, only the texture will be improved. They are derived from natural sources, hypoallergenic, wholegrain, gluten-free and rich in anti-oxidants and phytosterols.

The team of experts at BENEO-Technology Center ensures that their gluten-free product formulations meet the highest standards in terms of both nutritional and technical provision.


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