Biodar Targets The Sweet Taste of The Children’s Market

Chew&Eat – Kids Love It

Biodar Ltd. (Israel), a member of the Lycored Group, launches Chew&Eat, a new line of microencapsulated vitamins and minerals for the chewable supplement industry. Fortifying chewable products is a good way to ensure that kids will get the daily recommended intake of minerals and vitamins.

Recent USDA Dietary Guidelines reported that American children are at risk of nutrient deficiencies due to a diet that is lacking fruits and vegetables. To ensure their children receive enough essential vitamins and minerals, many parents turn to dietary supplements or fortified foods. Since children are not willing to compromise on taste and mouth feel, it becomes a real challenge to develop attractive fortified products.

Chew&Eat is a line of taste-masked vitamins and minerals to provide a tasty solution for chewable supplements and functional foods.

“Supplement and confectionary manufacturers face barriers in developing chewable tablets, candies and gums enriched with minerals due to the metallic taste of the nutrients. Biodar’s advanced technology allows producers to reduce the high sugar content used to mask the taste of minerals in their products,” explains Udi Alroy, Marketing Director at Biodar. “Most gummy bear supplements contain a high dosage of sugar to avoid the taste of the nutrients. Consumer concern about high sugar consumption amongst children encouraged us to develop Chew&Eat without adding any sugar.”

Chew&Eat vitamins and minerals also have important manufacturing advantages. The microencapsulation prevents ingredient cross-interactions and oxidation. Biodar’s Chew&Eat is available as single ingredients, or in a sugar-free drum-to-hopper premix. Chew&Eat can be used in a variety of delivery systems: gums, chewables, lozenges and functional foods. Samples of Chew&Eat chewable multi-vitamin and mineral supplements will be available at the LycoRed/Biodar booth at the IFT, and by request from Biodar or their US distributor P.L. Thomas.

Biodar specializes in providing innovative microencapsulation solutions for vitamins, minerals and carotenoids, as well as vegetarian beadlets for the nutritional supplement, functional food and pharmaceutical industries.
For further information, please contact:
LycoRed/Biodar Booth no. 5126
P.L. Thomas Booth no. 1811

Mr.Udi Alroy
Marketing Director
Phone: + 972-8942-0930
Fax: +972-8942-0928
E mail: [email protected]

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