Bioforce USA acquires Bekunis tea brand

Bioforce USA has announced that it has acquired the Bekunis brand in the US, effective immediately.


Continuing its longstanding commitment to bringing leading European natural brands to US consumers, Bioforce USA has announced that it has acquired the Bekunis® brand in the US, effective immediately. Bekunis® has long included both the pleasant tasting leaf and the instant tea form. Now this popular natural laxative is being offered in a convenient, easy to take tablet form as well.

Bioforce USA’s mission is to bring health-minded Americans Europe’s most sophisticated, pharmaceutical-grade and proven products based on primary research. Consumers can be sure of getting products that meet the very strict European standards for pharmaceutical GMPs and cosmetic regulations, and be assured of product safety, efficacy, integrity and uniform standards of product quality. For that reason we feel that the Bekunis® line is a perfect fit in the Bioforce family of product lines.

According to Pierce Sioussat, President of Bioforce USA, “unfortunately many of us find that we need help from time to time with our digestive function. A quick look at our store shelves shows that there are not many choices for those seeking laxative relief. And the conventional alternatives can be harsh and habit forming. We believe that Bekunis® is the safe, natural choice for gentle relief. And with so many dosage forms available, there is an acceptable laxative solution for everyone. We are happy to have Bekunis in our family of brands because it offers our customers dependable, gentle relief for one of life’s most common problems.”

Bekunis® is made from Senna fruit extract and works in harmony with the body to relieve simple constipation by stimulating the large bowel during the night to gently induce smooth, comfortable regularity in the morning. When Bekunis® is taken in the evening, relief follows in the morning. Bekunis® natural laxative is backed by years of research and the highest quality standards.

About Bioforce USA

Bioforce USA has created long-term strategic alliances with European manufacturers of product lines that have years of clinical research support for safety and efficacy, plus years of repeat consumer use. Bioforce USA has brought these lines, which include A. Vogel, Sanhelios, Herbatint, Bionorica, Dado Sens from Borlind and SECURE exclusively to the United States for distribution through natural products and health food stores. For more information go to


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