Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. Appoints New Q.C. Manager

Bioriginal Food & Science Corp.’s Quality Control Department is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Barry Skorobohach as their new Quality Control Manager. Bioriginal’s Quality Control Department is responsible for maintaining quality control measures and ensures the highest standards are continually met.

Mr. Skorobohach has extensive experience in the Q.C. /Q.A. field, including employment as Director of Q.A. at Vita Health, and Manager of Q.A. at both Banner Pharmacaps and Abbott Laboratories. Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. takes pride in its rigorous quality control, and is honored to welcome Mr. Skorobohach as a valuable addition to their Quality Control team.

For additional company and product information, please visit
Contact: Carol Reynolds, Marketing Coordinator, Bioriginal Food & Science Corp., Saskatoon, SK Canada (306) 975-1166

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