BIOSECUR™ product line receives self-affirmed GRAS status for use as an antioxidant and nutrient supplement

BIOSECUR™ product line receives self-affirmed GRAS status for use as an antioxidant and nutrient supplement

BIOSECUR LAB. Inc. and P.L. Thomas Inc. announced that the BIOSECUR™ product line has obtained Self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status.

BIOSECUR LAB. Inc., a privately held, Canadian-based company specializing in the research and development of plant-based bio-ingredients, and P.L. Thomas Inc., a full-service provider of science-supported ingredient solutions for food and food supplements, announced that the BIOSECUR™ product line has obtained Self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) status.

In accordance with FDA regulations, products must be generally recognized as safe (GRAS) to be used in the food industry. Certified Organic<> by the NOP/USDA and ECOCERT and now Self-affirmed as GRAS, BIOSECUR™ is safe for human consumption, providing a chemical-free alternative for various food applications.

The   GRAS dossier and the third party independent review was led by AIBMR Life Sciences (Puyallup, WA) for compliance in the following regulatory categories:

21CFR170.3(o):  Antioxidant: Substances used to preserve food by retarding deterioration, rancidity, or discoloration due to oxidation. And 21CFR170.3(o):  Nutrient supplements: Substances which are necessary for the body's nutritional and metabolic processes. (i.e. as an anti-oxidant in people to protect against free radical damage.

BIOSECUR™ is approved as a food ingredient in 40 food categories outlined by 21 CFR 170.3, including use as an antioxidant and preservation aide in all processed food applications, ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy products, condiments and all beverages.

Working with contract laboratories and industrial partners, BIOSECUR LAB has completed and continues to conduct tests on the benefits of BIOSECUR™ in many different food systems. Utilized in a manner specific to the food or herbal material, the ingredient has, for example, shown benefits in contributing to a reduction in microbial loads. PLT President Paul Flowerman observed that the food industry and government authorities are highly focused on food safety.

“It is our sincere and most enthusiastic belief that the BIOSECUR™ product line will be an excellent fully natural alternative for use in a wide variety of food applications at various stages of product processing,” said Flowerman. “Tests on different products have already been completed and documented, and we look forward to sharing the encouraging news with our industry partners. We are honored and delighted to be Biosecur Lab’s development partner and distributor for U.S.A..”

“The need for safe, effective food preservation solutions has never been greater,” said BIOSECUR LOAB president Yves Methot. “Now that BIOSECUR™ has obtained GRAS status, we can offer the food industry a safe, Certified Organic solution for their needs.”

100% water-soluble, BIOSECUR™ is made with Certified Organic citrus extract and does not contain grapefruit. For more information regarding BIOSECUR™ products or for inquiries outside of the U.S., visit or email [email protected] For U.S. inquiries, visit PLT at .

About Biosecur Lab

Founded in 2000 in response to growing awareness and concern regarding the use of chemical additives in food and industrial products, Biosecur Lab, Inc. specializes in the research and development of Certified Organic plant-based substances for functional use. Biosecur Lab’s ongoing research with contracted laboratories and with leading university researchers continues to identify and define all the potential applications for the company’s products. Biosecur Lab is in the process of building a worldwide distributor network and is actively working to obtain certifications and regulatory approval in each of the countries in which the company does business.

About PL Thomas

PL Thomas, a longtime participant in the food and dietary supplement industries, has recently begun extending its traditional North American sales focus to fulfill its responsibilities to provide global exposure for a growing number of the ingredients for which it takes sales and marketing responsibility. With a strong commitment to focused growth, PLT is placing great emphasis on making available to the food and dietary supplement industries natural ingredients which manufacturers may safely and effectively substitute for synthetics.

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