Blue Heron Nutraceuticals, LLC, publishes Muscadine Medicine

Muscadine Medicine, written by three biomedical researchers who direct nutraceutical research laboratories at the University of Georgia (Diane K. Hartle, Ph.D., Phillip Greenspan, Ph.D. and James L. Hargrove, Ph.D) cites 482 biomedical research papers from top scientific and medical journals concerning the nutraceutical value of American muscadines and scuppernongs (Vitis rotundifolia).

Muscadines are the only horticultural crop that originated solely in the United States and are now grown commercially solely in SE USA. The muscadine is a hardy grape with 20 pairs of chromosomes instead of 19 pairs of chromosomes for other types of grapes. This large amount of extra genetic material may account for its greater range of nutraceutically powerful phytochemicals. The authors summarize and explain the bioactivities of the phytochemicals in muscadines as they relate to preventing heart disease, high cholesterol, prediabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, inflammatory diseases.

Gastrointestinal health benefits and longevity are also discussed relevant to muscadine phytochemistry. New nutraceutical products derived from the muscadine are arriving in 2005. Muscadine Medicine reviews the scientific literature concerning health benefits of these supplement products and also supports the health benefits of muscadine wines, juice, food products and cosmetic products. Since muscadines are largely known only in SE USA, this book will prove educational to the nutraceutical community as these products appear on the worldwide market. The book contents can be previewed and purchased at

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