Breakthroughs in Toxin Testing – Industry Innovator Continues to Lead the Way With More Efficient Detection Method

With the proliferation of regulations on multiple mycotoxins around the world, finding efficient, accurate and reliable testing solutions is essential for feed processors, manufactures and testing laboratories serving the feed industry. Vicam, a world leader in mycotoxin and microbiological testing solutions, continues to lead the way in breakthrough technologies for more efficient testing of feed and feed ingredients. Vicam was the first, and still only, company to offer simultaneous detection of multiple toxins with a single test. Today, Vicam has introduced the penultimate in multianalyte testing solutions with Myco6in1 LC/MS/MS, the first test to offer simultaneous detection and measurement of 12 species of mycotoxins in one test. This latest technology breakthrough will offer both time and cost savings to both internal and external testing laboratories while still delivering accurate and reliable results.

About Vicam

VICAM is a world leader in providing mycotoxin and microbiological testing solutions. Since 1985, VICAM has been dedicated to developing USDA- and AOAC-approved rapid tests for mycotoxins and food borne pathogens. VICAM's mycotoxin test kits provide reliable quantitative detection of particular mycotoxins through the choice of HPLC or fluorometric detection methods. Around the world, VICAM products are used with confidence, and our commitment to our customers goes beyond providing the best products available. We guarantee satisfaction with expert technical assistance and top-of-the-line customer service, providing support to our products and customers through a global scientific and distribution network which develops, markets, sells, and services our products in over 100 countries. For more information, please visit or call +1.617.926.7045.

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