C12 Peption Wins Prestigious NutrAward

C12 Peption, DMV’s ingredient which supports the natural blood pressure mechanism, won the prestigious NutrAward at the Nutracon/SupplyExpo held in Anaheim, California-USA, March 16- 20. The attendees of Nutracon/Supply Expo 2005 and a scientific committee selected the winner of the Award.

“Winning the NutrAward is a great recognition for the innovative character of this product. The fact that both a scientific committee and the visitors selected C12 Peption as the winner proves the sound scientific basis and the market potential. The visitors of Nutracon/Supply Expo are in fact the potential buyers of C12 Peption”, according to Steven Braun, Director Food Systems & Nutrition at DMV International.

The World Health Organisation estimates that in most countries up to 30% suffer from high blood pressure and a further 50 to 60% would be in better health if they controlled their blood pressure. It is estimated that one in every four adults has pre-hypertension, which is the gray zone between normal and high blood pressure. This group of people is the target group for products containing C12 Peption. “With C12 Peption, we provide our customers with a key ingredient to formulate highly successful and innovative products for the support of a natural blood pressure mechanism“, says Daniella Witte, Market Development Manager at DMV International.

The scientific committee and the visitors selected C12 Peption from the three finalist products, based on the following criteria: (1) merit, (2) efficacy, (3) safety, (4) innovation, (5) market potential, and (6) it's ability to increase industry credibility.

Nutracon/Supply Expo is a leading conference and trade show in the USA for new ingredients, technologies and formulations with over 40.000 visitors. Attendees of the Nutracon are senior executives planning future growth, product development team members designing new products and brand marketers developing new product strategies for the nutraceutical industry.

DMV International is recognised as a leading supplier of functional and nutritional ingredients and concepts for the food, supplement, clinical and infant nutrition industry. Through global presence and market focussed teams, we support our customers in successfully bringing new health and wellness concepts to the market to fulfil ever changing consumer demands. Vital ingredients for success are innovation, quality and service.

For more information:
Mrs. Daniella Witte – Market Development Manager
Phone : +31-413-372532
Fax : +31-413 372914
E-mail : [email protected]
Internet : www.dmv-international.com

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