Cactus Botanics Develops GAP Standard Plantation for Honeysuckle Flower

On 21st, Oct, 2005 Cactus Botanics announced cooperation with its botanicals raw materials supplier to develop a GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) standard plantation for Honeysuckle Flower. Cactus Botanics’ GAP standard plantation is located in Shandong, China. Because of suitable climate, soil and other natural situations, Shandong has become the most suitable location for Honeysuckle, and the Honeysuckle from this province is of the highest quality.

Cactus Botanics’ GAP standard plantation is about 130 Hectares with about 200 metric tons annual turnover. All the management, production, and packaging process is according to GAP standards and the quality level above the Chinese National Standard. The Chlorogenic acid content can reach 5% and the Luteolin content can reach 0.5%.

Honeysuckle Flower (Flos Lonicerae), Latin Name Lonicera japonica Thunb, is a commonly used Chinese Traditional Medicine. For over two thousand years Chinese people have been using it for several health conditions.

Cactus Botanics Limited welcomes companies from all over the world to visit this GAP standard plantation. For more information please contact: [email protected]

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