Cactus Botanics Increases Policosanol Production Capability

5th, August,2005- Shanghai, China - Cactus Botanics Limited, in cooperation with its Chinese manufacturing operations, has completed expansion of its production capabilities for Policosanol (Octacosanol 65%).

Policosanol is one of Cactus Botanics' primary products. Even prior to the current expansion, Cactus Botanics not only offered standard specifications for Policosanol, such as Octacosanol 65%, and 90% but the company also manufactured to custom specifications according to customers' requirements.

Because of the growing demand of Policosanol in the global market, Cactus Botanics invested to enable it to supply ample materials to satisfy expanding requirements.

Now the increased production lines are mainly producing Policosanol (Octacosanol 65%), which is the fastest growing product for the company, while other lines are still producing the material to custom specifications.

Cacuts Botanics invites manufacturers and distributors to request contract manufacturing services.

For more information, please visit
Email: [email protected].

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