Cactus Botanics Introduces Mangosteen Extract with 30% Polyphenols

In August of this year, Cactus Botanics announced completion of the development of its Mangosteen Extract containing Xanthones, and it then refined the Xanthones level to be able to offer xanthone content from 10% to 25% and 50%.

Cactus Botanics has continued to research this fruit and has now found that there is a high content of polyphenols existing in its peel/hull as well.

Cactus Botanics is now able to offer Mangosteen Extract with polyphenols at 30% and is ready to custom produce different content of polyphenol from this fruit according to customer requirement. The company already has adequate stock of raw material and ready to supply customer's Mangosteen series materials with prompt shipment.

For more information, please contact or visit our website

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