Cactus Botanics Releases Year-End Review: 2008 Challenges and 2009 Goals

Cactus Botanics held its annual year-end review meeting in early January 2009 prior to the China Spring Festival Holiday. The meeting, attended by Cactus Botanics’ management team, was held in its new location: 13/F-D, Block 2, No.628, Zhang Yang Road, Shanghai, China.

“2008 was a distinctively challenging year for all over the world and it was also an important turning point for Cactus Botanics,” said Carol Cheow, general manager.

Cheow said the company has welcomed and settled its USA branch: 3 Q World, Inc. in New York City. This action shows Cactus Botanics’ determination to improve the service for its growing base of North American customers and also show its confidence of furthering market growth in North America.

Candy Zhang, Manager of Cactus Botanics’ financial department, noted that the turnover in 2008 has been double of that in 2007. Candy gave the following numbers:

The top 10 largest amounts sold in 2008 were:
No.1: Spirulina Powder
No.2: Konjac glucomannan
No.3: Dandelion Powder Extract
No.4: Cinnamon Bark Powder Extract
No.5: Grape Seed Powder Extract
No.6: Rehmanniae Powder Extract
No.7: Ginseng Powder Extract
No.8: Wild Yam Powder Extract
No.9: Pomegranate Powder Extract
No.10: Flax Seed Lignans

The top 3 largest values sold in 2008 were:
No.1 Policosanol
No.2 Fucoidan
No.3 Helicidum

Annie Zhang, Manager of Cactus Botanics’ Quality Control department, explained that the melamine issue caused global distrust in foods produced in China. “Cactus Botanics continues to stand for consistently superior quality and safety, and cooperates with the government-approved third-party laboratory, Pony Testing International Group, to test for melamine presence in its products. All original test reports are shown to Cactus Botanics’ international customers as requested,” she said.

Meanwhile, Cactus Botanics continues to work hard to improve its Quality Control system.
In 2008, it has been ISO 9001-2000 certified; it obtained FDA registration certification from Registrar Corp; and it is currently working on gaining Kosher certification. “Because of our hard work, there have been no quality complaints in 2008 and we are proud to be regarded as reliable partners of our valued customers,” Cheow said.

Wendy Zhang, Manager of Cactus Botanics’ Admin & Operation Department, pointed out that in 2008 Chinese companies met huge challenges with their logistical systems. “We are working diligently with reliable delivery agencies all over the world and also, because our USA branch is now viable, we have moved some of our stock to our USA logistics center,” she said.

At the end of the meeting, Cheow advised, “Don’t forget that with the development of the company, we are also thinking about the social responsibility of the company. We donated 1000 sets T-shirts and sandals to Sichuan where the earthquake occurred. And we also put charity into our work schedule as a long-term plan. We have already helped children in poor areas to go to school and are helping to rebuild schools in West of China.” Further, she noted that Cactus Botanics has renovated its website:

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