CapsCanada® Acquires Two Additional Gelatin Production Facilities.

CapsCanada® announced today that it has formally acquired two additional gelatin production facilities. The acquisition further consolidates the company’s vertically integrated operations with a total of four (bovine hide) gelatin production facilities.

For decades, CapsCanada® has been a world leader in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical grade hard capsules. The company’s gelatin capsules are manufactured exclusively with bovine hide gelatin.

According to the company’s Director of Business Development, Gabriel Eilemberg, “we have experienced very strong demand, in part, due to the fact that the most prestigious companies prefer bovine hide gelatin.” He added that CapsCanada is the only vertically-integrated capsule manufacturer “Vertical integration means a secure long-term supply, better traceability and superior quality”.

For more information visit or call customer Service (866) 788-2888

About the company:
CapsCanada® is a world leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade two-piece capsules. Clients include the most prestigious companies around the world.

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