Cargill Introduces New Line of Prosanté™ Textured Soy Protein Flakes

Cargill is introducing a new line of textured soy protein flakes, in North and South America, to its already broad portfolio of soy protein products. Prosanté™ textured soy protein flakes, already on the market in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, contain 50 percent protein and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Prosanté™ textured soy protein flakes help food manufacturers create a protein-complete replacement that closely mimics meat’s natural structure, texture and chewing properties. Additionally, the flakes do not have the off-flavors normally associated with standard soy protein products. Instead, they absorb the natural flavors of accompanying ingredients. Applications best suited for Prosanté™ textured soy protein flakes include: ground meat patties, meatballs, nuggets and other ground meat systems (raw and cooked).

“Our customers are seeking ingredients that offer benefits to both manufacturers and consumers,” said Linda Beck, global soy product and process development manager, Cargill Texturizing Solutions. “Ground meat processors require a variety of sizes and shapes of textured soy protein to match the texture of ground meat, which is one of the reasons Cargill has expanded its broad portfolio of minced textured soy protein with the addition of textured soy protein flakes.”

Cargill offers three basic sizes of textured soy protein flakes, 1/8”, ¼” and ¼ to 3/8”, in plain (uncolored), brown (caramel colored) and fortified, as well as combinations of these varieties. Textured soy flakes hydrate faster in cold water than minced textured soy, allowing for faster production mixing schemes. One-eighth-inch textured flakes are ideal for mix and form ground meat systems. Quarter-inch or larger textured flakes work best for mix, grind, and form systems.

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