Carlson Laboratories introduces Orange Carlson for Kids Very Finest Fish Oil

Arlington Heights, IL ---July 2007--- J.R. Carlson Laboratories introduces its Carlson for Kids Very Finest Fish Oil in a new orange flavor. Carlson for Kids Very Finest Fish Oil has a great orange taste and the same health benefits as Carlson Laboratories regular Very Finest Fish Oil, but in a potency suitable for children.

Recent medical studies have shown the importance of omega-3’s for healthy brain development and vision in growing children. Carlson for Kids Very Finest Fish Oil contains 800 mg of omega-3’s in each ½ teaspoonful. Carlson for Kids Very Finest Fish Oil comes from cold-water fish found in deep Norwegian waters, and is bottled in Norway to ensure maximum freshness. It is vitamin A & D free. In Norway, the important health benefits of fish oils for children and adults are so well known that the official recommendation from Norwegian authorities is 5ml daily from 4 weeks of age throughout your life.

Carlson Laboratories has been supplying quality vitamins and nutritional supplements for 40 years. Call today for more information @ 1-888-234-5656. J.R. Carlson Laboratories, Inc. 15 W. College Drive, Arlington Heights, IL 60004.


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