Carrington Laboratories' Consumer Division Unveils New Products, New Look

Manapol® Dietary Supplements now more Recognizable with Consumers

Irving, Texas, October 15, 2003 – Carrington Laboratories, Inc. (NASDAQ: CARN), announced today that the company has unveiled a new look in the form of product labels and recycled containers to market the company’s retail merchandise.

“Our increasingly popular products are now available at health food stores around the country,” said Walt Jones, president of Carrington’s consumer products division. “With the development and release of new line extensions, particularly Manapol® with Maitake Gold 404®, it was necessary to give the Manapol® powder product line a fresh new look, making our products more recognizable with our customers,” said Jones.

Three products are available as liquid dietary supplements in 32-ounce bottles including Manapol® Immune-Enhancing Aloe vera Formula, Manapol® Energy-Enhancing Formula with Beta-[1,3]-Glucan and the new Maitake Gold 404® Formulation. Manapol® Immune-Enhancing Mega Formula with Beta Glucan and Manapol® Immune-Enhancing Aloe vera Formula® are also available in tablet form.

The new product labels feature a diamond-shaped graphic symbolizing the Aloe vera plant that is the key ingredient in all Caraloe products. The company is also a raw materials supplier of Aloe vera and other complex carbohydrates to other manufacturers in the nutraceuticals industry. Carrington Laboratories is a pioneer in complex carbohydrate technology from Aloe vera L. and has more than 120 patents issued, allowed or pending in 26 countries that cover composition of matter, process and use. The company operates its own Aloe vera plantation in Costa Rica where it processes the plants using a patented process that maintains the purity and efficacy of the plant.

Carrington Laboratories’ wholly owned subsidiary, Sabila Industrial, S.A. is the company’s bulk pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Liberia, Costa Rica. The ISO 9000, USDA and FDA licensed manufacturing facility produces the company’s proprietary raw materials used in wound care, nutraceuticals and bulk materials for Acemannan ImmunostimulantTM used in the treatment of fibrosarcoma in the veterinarian market. GelSiteTM, DelSite’s drug delivery platform for proteins and peptides, and GelVacTM materials for intranasal delivery of vaccines are also produced in this facility.

About Carrington Laboratories, Inc.
Carrington Laboratories, Inc., (NASDAQ: CARN), is an ISO 9001-certified, research-based biopharmaceutical and consumer products company currently utilizing naturally occurring complex carbohydrates to manufacture and market products for mucositis, radiation dermatitis, wound and oral care as well as to manufacture and market the nutraceutical raw materials Manapol® and Hydrapol™. Carrington Laboratories also manufactures and markets consumer products sold under its AloeCeuticals® brand and manufactures quality products for other companies. Manufacturing operations comply with cGMP standards. The company’s DelSite subsidiary is developing its proprietary GelSite™ technology designed to provide controlled release of peptide and protein-based drugs. More than 120 patents in 26 countries protect Carrington Laboratories’ technology. Select products are honored with the internationally coveted CE mark, recognized by more than 20 countries around the world. For more information, visit Editor note: To preview the new Caraloe product label and containers see

Certain statements in this release concerning Carrington Laboratories, Inc. may be forward-looking. Actual events will be dependent upon a number of factors and risks including, but not limited to subsequent changes in plans by management, delays or problems in formulation, manufacturing, distribution, production and/or launch of new finished products, supply of Manapol® changes in the regulatory process, changes in market trends, and a number of other factors and risks described from time to time in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including Form 10-Q filed August 14, 2003.

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