CBA And Nutrition for Life International Forge Global Partnership

BOISE, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 8, 2003--

Nutrition for Life will build awareness of its wellness products
by leveraging CBA's reach

Jerry Kramer, chairman of the board for Nutrition For Life International, and Gary Hunter, commissioner of the Continental Basketball Association, today announced that they have forged a global agreement to promote Nutrition for Life's products and opportunity through the CBA's communication channels.

For nearly two decades, Houston-based Nutrition for Life ( has been advancing the "Health and Wellness" market with some of the most advanced, progressive, and highly effective products on the market, while offering individuals the opportunity to build financial independence through their own home-based businesses.

"We are committed to taking Essential Nutritional Supplementation to every home and family in America and in the many countries we serve throughout the world. And we know that takes a team effort," said Kramer, the former NFL-great and Super Bowl champion. "That is why we are proud to be associated with the CBA, an organization that exemplifies the highest standards of sportsmanship, competition, and family values."

Hunter sees this partnership as an opportunity for both organizations to make major advancements in their respective fields. "Nutrition For Life is at the forefront of a rapidly growing dietary supplement market and the CBA is on the verge of some major expansion and growth opportunities," he said. "We believe strongly that the synergies represented in our partnership will accelerate the process for both organizations."

Kramer agrees that the CBA and Nutrition For Life are on similar courses for advancement. "The 57-year history of the CBA mirrors the 20-year history of Nutrition for Life: We are both committed to peak performance, to quality, to solid value," said the ex-Green Bay Packer.

"Nutrition for Life generates millions of dollars of part-time income for the families of the folks who take our Essential Supplements to the world; and it is those same families that come to CBA games and make this league an essential part of the American sports landscape. We are honored by the association."

An average of 3,371 fans (26,969 total) attended the Continental Basketball Association's eight opening weekend games this season, a 23 percent increase from last season's attendance in the first eight games (21,911 total, 2,739 average). This fan support, along with two NBA call-ups in the season's first two weeks, an active membership admission with USA Basketball on Nov. 14, and national exposure via a Nov. 18 Sports Illustrated article, has the oldest professional basketball league in the world in an excellent position for expansion in the near future.

Expansion is also a word familiar to the Nutrition for Life team. In addition to core nutritional supplements, they provide an entire line of weight management products, sports supplements, foods, and personal care products available exclusively through independent distributors.


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