Celestial Seasonings(R) Launches Teas Created Especially for Hispanic Tea Lovers

BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Four new Celestial Seasonings teas -- Honey Lemon Diet, Apple Banana Chamomile, Cinnamon Apple, and Linden Mint Herb Teas -- blend key herbs and flavors that deliver health-promoting herbs in a great-tasting beverage. Beginning in early September, Celestial Seasonings new herb teas will be available in 10-count packages with Spanish-first bilingual copy in major Hispanic markets across the country.

"The research and development behind these teas represents the best of art and science," comments Joan Boykin, Director of Marketing at Celestial Seasonings. "We formulated our new line of teas around herbs and flavors popular in the Hispanic market, like linden, mint, honey, lemon, and chamomile, as well as familiar favorites like cinnamon and apple."

Celestial Seasonings created distinctive, new flavor blends that offer consumers delicious, 100% natural herb tea blends unlike existing Spanish-language teas, working with herbs and ingredients already popular in the Hispanic market. A recent A.C. Nielsen poll shows that in the Hispanic market, diet tea is the best selling tea, while many chamomile and linden teas are among the top selling flavors(1). In blind taste tests, Celestial Seasonings Honey Lemon Diet Tea was preferred 9 to 1 over the top competitor, and Apple Banana Chamomile was preferred 4 to 1 over the highest ranking competitive tea(2).

Soothing Apple Banana Chamomile, slimming Honey Lemon Diet Tea, energizing Cinnamon Apple, and calming Linden Mint deliver both great taste and great health benefits. Each tea is naturally caffeine-free and blended with 100 percent natural herbs, spices and other flavors. Honey Lemon Diet and Cinnamon Apple Teas can also be enjoyed iced.

About Celestial Seasonings

At Celestial Seasonings our goal is to create great-tasting teas that offer an extraordinary tea-drinking experience. Every one of our more than 80 flavors is expertly crafted using only the highest quality 100% natural
herbs, teas, spices, fruits and other ingredients to ensure that our tea is always fresh and delicious. For over 30 years we've blended ingredients to make unique and delightful tea creations -- herb, green, white, black, red,
honeybush, organic, chai and wellness teas -- each adorned with beautiful imagery and inspiring words. We hope each cup of our tea will delight your palate, nourish your body and feed your mind and soul.

(1) Source: AC Nielsen, 52 weeks ending 7/10/04
(2) Source: Independent Taste Test, February 2004

About The Hain Celestial Group
The Hain Celestial Group, headquartered in Melville, NY, is a leading natural and organic beverage, snack, specialty food and personal care products company in North America and Europe. Hain Celestial is a leader in almost all natural food categories -- Beverages, Specialty Tea, Snacks, Grocery, Frozen Foods --and the natural Personal Care category with well-known brands that include: Celestial Seasonings(R), Terra Chips(R), Garden of Eatin'(R), Health Valley(R), WestSoy(R), Earth's Best(R), Arrowhead Mills(R), Hain Pure Foods(R), Breadshop's(R), Casbah(R), Carb Fit(TM), DeBoles(R), Nile Spice(R), Westbrae Natural(R), Rice Dream(R), Soy Dream(R), Imagine(R), Walnut Acres Certified Organic(R), Rosetto(R), Ethnic Gourmet(R), Yves Veggie Cuisine(R), The Good Dog(R), and in Europe, Lima(R), Biomarche(R), Grains Noirs(R), Natumi(R) and Milkfree(R). The Company's principal specialty product lines include Hollywood(R) cooking oils, Estee(R) sugar-free products, Kineret(R) kosher foods, Boston Better Snacks(TM), and Alba Foods(R). The Company's personal care product lines consist primarily of JASON(R) pure, natural and organic products. Hain Celestial's corporate website is http://www.hain-celestial.com. The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. common stock trades on the Nasdaq(R) National Market under the symbol HAIN.

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