Chabaso Bakery launches 3 demi loaves

Chabaso Bakery launches 3 demi loaves

Three new Grain Logic hearth-baked demi loaves offer smaller portions with big bread taste.  

Looking for breads packed with whole-grain nutrition, as well as fresh-baked flavor and smooth, airy texture? Look for Chabaso's new Demi line with the new "Grain Logic" logo on the package. You'll be well rewarded for your search.

Chabaso, the renowned artisan bakery, has always been committed to all-natural breads hand-crafted the time-tested way. But that tradition hasn't kept Chabaso's innovative artisans from looking into the future for healthful and tasty alternatives to traditional ciabattas and bagettes. 

Announcing: Three new Grain Logic hearth-baked Demi Loaves, the smaller portion solution with big bread taste.

Wheat & Olive Oil Demi Ciabatta          
Whole Wheat Flour sets the stage for this baker's tour-de-force. Extra virgin olive oil and 12 grams of Whole Grains per serving, add the finishing touches to a taste that raises eyebrows of appreciation in the midst of the liveliest dinner table discussions.

Ancient Grains Demi Ciabetta
A veritable rainbow of grain tastes and 16 grams of Whole Grains per serving, accompanies each bite of this right-sized loaf from the same European ovens that first brought Chabaso's Classic Ciabatta onto the U. S. artisan bread scene back in the mid 1990s.

Whole Grain Demi Baguette
Wholesome whole wheat doughs and long fermentation times create the overall flavor and interior texture characteristics of this famous long loaf. But now the great new Demi size, with 23 grams of Whole Grains per serving, is putting this healthy protein and fiber-rich Baguette into more bread baskets... because it fits!  

Chabaso Bakery is committed to Grain Logic
Chabaso founder and owner Charles Negaro has a world of bakery management experience. He was a pioneer in bringing Old World artisan methods into prominence in America. Grain Logic reflects objectives common to artisan bakers throughout history and around the globe. Handcrafted breads are slowly stone-baked for airy and flavorful interiors and crispy, golden brown crusts. Always nutritious and still simply scrumptious!

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