Charkit Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Darien, Connecticut, February 2, 2007 – Charles Hinnant, President, Charkit Chemical Corporation of Darien, CT announces that the company is marking its 25th year of successful growth and strengthening its position as an important resource in the chemical industry.

In making the announcement, Mr. Hinnant recalled his early days as the founder of Charkit. “The entrepreneurial spirit that launched our success is alive today even though we have experienced remarkable growth,” he said. “We have made it a practice to build a team of knowledgeable industry experts, people with the technical and marketing experience to assist our customers. This staff of professionals contributed greatly to the company’s success as we ventured into new markets.”

Mr. Hinnant explained that when Charkit was founded, it was focused on just a few industries that required specific specialty chemicals. He said that the expansion of internal resources and the targeting of strategic business alliances have transformed Charkit into an important resource for ingredients used in higher performing personal care, pharmaceutical, flavor and fragrance ingredients and products.

“Because of our willingness to adapt with the times, we implemented a policy of expanding our capabilities to meet the needs of a changing business environment. We have consistently accommodated market uncertainties and unexpected events, taking a flexible approach in all of our dealings. It’s been an important factor in our ongoing growth.”
Serving the specialty chemical, flavor and fragrance, personal care, food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries
Today the company has gone well beyond its initial success as a leading supplier to the imaging, water treatment and metal treatment industries. Through strategic domestic and worldwide supplier relationships, Charkit now offers a wide range of products to the specialty chemical, flavor and fragrance, personal care, food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. In addition to a vast number of product offerings, Charkit staffs a team of technical and marketing experts who are available to assist customers from product development to manufacturing. Charkit’s product development expertise begins with the most effective sourcing through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution across the nation.

An accelerated focus on breakthrough personal care ingredients
In recent years, Charkit has formed strategic alliances that greatly enhance the company’s ability to provide high performance personal care ingredients. Many of these offerings result from cutting edge technology and include the highest quality meadowfoam seed oil and exemplary oat extracts, both derived from proprietary processes. Exceptional lanolin and lanolin derivatives as well as a myriad of essential components are reliably supplied to manufacturers of personal care and cosmetic products.

Flavor and fragrance offerings
Relationships with some of the world’s foremost producers of flavors and fragrances give Charkit an important presence in this industry. Grapefruit mercaptan, citrus enhancers and high impact aroma chemicals as well as sought-after benzyl alcohol and a variety of aldehydes, esters, salicylates and acetates are readily available.

Custom synthesis capabilities for the pharmaceutical industry
Charkit provides world class process development, custom synthesis, contract manufacturing and pharmaceutical intermediates to pharmaceutical companies in the United States.

In addition to the custom manufacturing of APIs, Charkit offers boronic acids, boronic acid derivatives and other building blocks to producers of pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Hinnant added that part of the company’s planned expansions include the anticipated relocation to larger headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut. “We have a five-year plan in place to continually expand our resources to better serve our customers and to enhance the working environment of our loyal staff,” he said.

For more information, please contact Shawn McManus in Sales and Marketing at 203-655-3400 or [email protected].

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Founded in 1982 by its President, Charles Hinnant, Charkit Chemical Corporation offers a wide range of products to the imaging, personal care, food, flavor and fragrance, water treatment, metal treatment and pharmaceutical industries as well as to producers of fine and specialty chemicals.

Mr. Hinnant also owns majority interests in Arran Chemical Company, Optima Chemical Group and Diversitec Corporation.

In 2007, Charkit celebrates its 25th year of continuing growth and today, in addition to high demand products, the Company offers custom sourcing, manufacturing, technical assistance and product development services.

Charkit Chemical Corporation
9 Old Kings Highway South
Darien CT 06820

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