Charles Bowman and Company Introduces New EXTRACYAN® Product Line to the US Market

HOLLAND, Mich. July 16, 2007- Charles Bowman and Company is proud to announce the launch of EXTRACYAN®; a new line of berry extracts produced by Ferlux-Mediolanum. Ferlux Mediolanum’s research and development group have become experts in the field of polyphenoic chemistry. The new product line is comprised of three products; a Cranberry extract for the prevention of urinary tract infections, a Blackberry extract for anti-aging, and a Blackcurrant extract for vascular protection.

EXTRACYAN® Cranberry is the only Vaccinium macrocarpon extract available today to contain more than 18% proanthocyanidins. Typical cranberry extracts contain less than 3% proanthocyanidins, 6 times less than our product. EXTRACYAN® Cranberry is a mixture of different oligomeric proanthocyanidins (from dimers A and B to hexamers), known to be active ingredients of the native fruit. The proanthocyanidins contained in Vaccinium macrocarpon, (commonly known as cranberry) are known to help in the prevention of urinary tract infections.

EXTRACYAN® Blackcurrant is currently the only blackcurrant extract standardized to contain more than 40% anthocyanins. Due to over 40 years of research into the manufacturing of anthocyanins and their patented extraction process, Ferlux has been able to preserve the nutritive and active constituents of blackcurrant. By preventing the activity of collagenase and elastase, anthocyanins play a protective role in the formation of and repair of vascular tissue.

EXTRACYAN® Blackberry extract is standardized to kuromanin content. A study was conducted on Ferlux Blackberry to assess the distribution of anthocyanin metabolism in the three different tissues. Ferlux-Mediolanum’s research, “Anthocyanin Metabolism in Rats and their distribution to the Digestive Area, Kidney, and Brain” was published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry in March of 2005. The study showed the presence of metabolized anthocyanins in brain tissue with the use of ETRACYAN® Blackberry, thereby confirming the potential use of blackberries as an antioxidant in the brain. EXTRACYAN® Blackberry is the only blackberry extract to be standardized to contain more than 35% anthocyanins.

Charles Bowman and Company is the exclusive distributor these products in North America. Ferlux Mediolanum Pharmaceuticals, based in France has become an industry leader in the development of new, original active ingredients.

Charles Bowman and Company has been successfully serving the pharmaceutical, supplement, cosmetic, food and feed industries since 1946. For more information EXTRACYAN® or other innovative ingredients please call 616.786.4000, or visit our web site at

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